10/28/18 PRESS RELEASE – Paranormal Help for Haunted Mid-Southerners


Experienced Memphis Ghost Investigators Offer Free Paranormal Help for Haunted Mid-South Homeowners and Business Owners

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Oct. 28, 2018 – Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue is now offering free confidential paranormal investigations and clearings of Mid-South homes, businesses and public sites within a 100 mile radius of Memphis, Tennessee.

Backed by 16 years of experience in the paranormal investigation field, Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue consists of a veteran paranormal investigator and a trio of proven spiritual mediums who are equipped to handle any situation involving hauntings or paranormal activity.

Reports of hauntings or paranormal activity can be submitted for evaluation and scheduling through the memphisghostinvestigations.com website contact form or by email to info@memphisghostinvestigations.com.

Visit the memphisghostinvestigations.com website for more information about services and personnel, as well as examples of spirit photography and spirit voices.


About Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue
Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue fills a need for experienced paranormal investigators and spirit communicators who can provide answers and solutions to Mid-Southerners who are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes, businesses or public sites. All services are free.

Media Contact
Name: Stephen Williams
Mobile: 901-877-8406
Email: info@memphisghostinvestigations.com
Website: memphisghostinvestigations.com

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