Our investigation of this private residence in Bartlett, Tennessee began with multiple mediumship messages received from a grandfather of one of the homeowners and from grandmothers on both sides of the family. This information was delivered mainly by Sheila, one of our gifted spiritual mediums, and it brought a tremendous amount of comfort to the homeowners who validated all of the messages.

During our investigation, we found an energy portal upstairs in their son’s closet and another one downstairs in a corner of the den. These areas had frightened him for some time, so we called for assistance in closing these energy doorways.

We also discovered a frightened earthbound spirit upstairs in the residence who had followed the homeowners’ son home from his school. Kayla, one of our gifted spiritual mediums, created a strong bond of trust with this twelve-year-old spirit whose name was Gabby (the name was validated by the homeowners whose four-year-old son had mentioned playing with someone named Gabby at his school). Sherrie, another one of our gifted spiritual mediums, provided additional intuitive information about Gabby which helped us to understand her situation better. By the end of our visit, we were able to help Gabby cross over and rejoin her crossed-0ver loved ones.

We completed our rescue work at this residence by performing a complete vibrational clearing of the space, removing all heavy residual energy which had accumulated there over the years.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members present were Stephen, Sherrie, Kayla and Sheila.

We received this testimonial from Audrey, one of the homeowners:

“After I began to experience odd occurrences in my home, I found myself looking for professionals who could hopefully explain what was going on. I quickly stumbled upon the Memphis Ghost Investigations website and had the pleasure of speaking with Stephen. From our first email exchange to the night that he and his teammates came to my home, it was clear that not only are they professionals, but they’re passionate about what they are doing. The investigation of my home was so much more than I had expected. Everyone was kind and knowledgeable, and I was given answers to questions that I didn’t even know I had. Not only did I gain valuable personal insights for both myself and my family, but they also successfully crossed over the spirit of a young girl who had grown attached to our family. Knowing that this child spirit was reunited with her own loved ones was a humbling experience I’ll never forget. These guys are the real deal, and I feel honored to have met each one of them.”