1/6/19 RESCUE INVESTIGATION – Memphis, TN House Circa 1900s

This private residence investigation was a night of mediumship that we won’t soon forget! Multiple deceased relatives came through with messages for the homeowner and her immediate family, and we also witnessed several paranormal events during our two-hour visit including a manifested penny and a cell phone that turned on by itself. Sheila and Kayla were able to describe each family member in detail while also providing validating information that only the homeowner and each deceased family member would have known.

Among the large number of crossed-over spirits who brought messages through the mediumship of Sheila and Kayla were the homeowner’s mother, father, maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather, as well as the paternal grandfather of the homeowner’s husband and a neighbor lady who has lived on the homeowner’s street.

Although we didn’t encounter any earthbound spirits at this site, we completed our investigation of this residence by performing a complete vibrational clearing of the space to remove any heavy residual energy which had accumulated there over time.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members present were Sheila, Kayla and Stephen.

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