A friend referred us to a couple who own an Airbnb in Midtown Memphis after several guests reported unsettling experiences while staying in this one-hundred-year-old house. We were asked to determine the source of the disturbances and also provide a practical resolution if possible.

During our investigation, we encountered two earthbound spirits, an elderly male spirit named George and an elderly female named Meredith. After connecting with the male earthbound, Sheila explained that he was adamant that the house was “his” and he was quite upset that there were sometimes visitors in his personal space, an attic area which had been converted into a bedroom and yoga studio. This grumpy spirit stayed mostly upstairs where guests had reported uncomfortable feelings of being watched.

The female earthbound, on the other hand, was very friendly and congenial. After Sheila connected with her, she explained that she had lived in the house a long time and was not ready to leave. She was also appreciative of the renovations that the owners had completed when they restored the house. This spirit mostly stayed downstairs and was comfortable with having visitors in “her home”. She also revealed that two other transient earthbound spirits had interacted with guests, a child spirit and a younger male spirit who had purposefully scared a guest. Neither of those earthbounds were connected with the house and had only passed through one time.

After completing our investigation, we decided to perform a complete vibrational clearing of the entire house and then counsel both earthbounds about the option of crossing over. Since our visit, the owners have not reported any additional activity.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members present were Sherrie, Sheila and Stephen.

We later received this testimonial from James, one of the Airbnb owners:

“Memphis Ghost Investigations came to my Airbnb house in Midtown Memphis after several guests told us about sensing a disturbing presence there. One of the guests is a person whom I trust completely, and after she and her husband spent a sleepless night there, they did not want to go back even though their stay was free. I decided to look into the matter and was directed by a friend to Memphis Ghost Investigations. The investigators were thorough, relaxed, confident and friendly. They scored quite a few direct hits with their psychic impressions, many of which were quite remarkable to me. I feel that whatever was in the house that had bothered our guests, everything is OK now.”