We’ve been too busy this summer to post the results of all of our investigations, but we wanted to share some highlights of a very unusual investigation we conducted last month in Midtown Memphis. The homeowner contacted us after several extreme physical encounters had occurred in the downstairs living room area of the house which was built in 1912.

On Sunday, August 18th, we visited the property and encountered several distressed earthbound spirits in various areas of the house. After working at the site for more than an hour, we were able to successfully assist two of the earthbounds in releasing from the site:

1) an angry young earthbound male in his twenties who appeared to be from the late 1950’s or early 1960’s and had physically lashed out at the male homeowner on several occasions when the homeowner had spent time alone in the living room of the house

2) a frightened young earthbound female, about 12 years old, who was hiding in a closet in the dining room, trapped in a mindset that the closet was the only safe place in the house where she could escape from what she believed to be smoke from a house fire

We also counseled a third earthbound who hesitated to cross over while we were on-site, but we feel that she likely released later that night. This was a middle-aged woman dressed in clothing from the 1920’s or 1930’s who stayed near the entry of the house because she was attracted to a framed advertisement from that time period that was hanging in this particular room.

We also encountered several high-vibrational energies at this location:

1) a friendly older female spirit in the kitchen who had already crossed over prior to our visit and who had interacted with the homeowners on several occasions including manifesting as a full body apparition in order to show them her appearance

2) a Native American sentinel light spirit in the upstairs portion of the house whose purpose is to heal the energetic damage being done to the land and environment in that particular section of Memphis (we learned that there are more of these sentinel light spirits scattered throughout the Memphis area).

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present during the 90-minute house investigation and spirit rescues were Kayla, Jennifer and Stephen.

Following is the email testimonial we received from Scott, one of the homeowners, who also verified our findings at the end of our investigation without having provided any prior information to us as to what he and his wife had experienced at the house:

“Honestly, I am a skeptic, which is why I waited so long to contact Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue. Over the course of three years, the problems in my house got to a point where I felt I had no other option but to reach out to paranormal investigators, as the “issues” increased in frequency and degree and could no longer be explained away — even for a skeptic. I’m not going to list everything that was taking place in my home, but trust me when I say that it was extensive and varied and at a point where I felt like I had no other explanations or options than to seek the assistance of paranormal professionals. I figured that, at worst, it couldn’t do any harm; at best, it could do something more than needed.

Stephen was prompt in his response to me and was very professional, taking all of my accounts seriously. This was a relief because I felt embarrassed to relay what had been happening. My primary issue was in the living room, and his team picked up on it immediately. He explained all of their methods, and I’m not sure which one was most effective, but I do know this: there was an obvious — even palpable — thing that happened in my living room with their work. I can’t explain it — I really can’t — but it moved me to near tears. And then there was a peaceful calm and clear in the room. Call that whatever you want to call it, and explain it however you want to explain it, but it happened.

To note, I recently slept in the living room intentionally, and it has never been like it was (i.e., completely calm). I cannot thank Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue enough — for taking me seriously, for their service, and for refusing any kind of payment (they said it was service work and to just donate to St. Jude Hospital). If I learned one thing with their visit it was that there is no need to be embarrassed about problems like this, and there is no reason to think such is not actually happening (when clearly such is happening). Not only are there people that will trust you, but there are people that will also help you.

Again, I cannot thank Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue enough.”