We have quite a few new investigations scheduled in September and October, and we just completed a successful investigation of a house in Nesbit, Mississippi this weekend which included two spirit rescues. Here are a few highlights from that investigation on Sunday, September 15th.

The homeowners contacted us soon after they had moved their young family into a rental house near Nesbit. They had moved there in an attempt to escape from what they both believed to be a hostile spirit who had tormented them at their previous home which was also in Mississippi. Daily and nightly paranormal experiences occurred at their previous home including footsteps and objects being moved, as well as constant physical contact, sometimes threatening.

After two quiet weeks in their new home, the activity began again and now seemed to be directed at their young children. Fearing for the safety of their children, they decided to email us for help in dealing with this spirit who seemed to have followed them with the malevolent intent to harass and harm their family.

During our two hour investigation, we established contact with two earthbound spirits in the house. One was a confused young woman, about 20 years of age, who was searching for her sister. After some brief counseling, we were easily able to help her release from the site.

The other earthbound was a different matter altogether! This was the male spirit who had been causing trouble at their other house and was continuing his aggressive behavior at their new house.

Initially, this man would not communicate with Kayla or Jennifer. However, after working with him for some time, we were able to determine that he had a severe alcohol addiction during his lifetime and had been involved in a tragic drunk driving accident which claimed the life of one of his loved ones. Tortured by the endless mental and emotional agony of his grief and guilt, he had become chronically agitated and demonstrated his anger by lashing out at family members or slamming doors … anything to get their attention.

Sensing his hopelessness and frustration, we spent a considerable amount of time counseling him in a compassionate manner until he was finally able to let go of his emotional turmoil and cross over. Afterwards, we went from room to room and performed a complete vibrational clearing of the house to end our two hour investigation/rescue.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present during the investigation, spirit rescues and clearing were Kayla, Jennifer and Stephen.

After our visit, we received this testimonial from Christine, one of the homeowners.

“I have been experiencing paranormal activity for quite some time. We recently moved into a new home, and I thought it would stop, but it didn’t. There were knocks, shadows, doors opening and closing and lights turning off, and we felt a negative energy all around the house.

I contacted Stephen via email, and he quickly got in touch with me. He reassured me that they would take care of everything and educate me as well.

When they arrived at our home, they immediately started investigating. Kayla and Jennifer helped explain who had taken up residence in the home. They communicated with the spirits and found two separate entities, as well as some elementals on the land.

Once they determined who the spirits were and why they were there, they were able to help them move on. Stephen then cleansed our home, and me as well, using vibrational sound. Immediately afterwards, our home felt a lot left lighter and happier. The heaviness has been lifted, and I now feel freed.

It was an amazing experience, and I highly recommend them!”