This rental property is a large two-story house built in 1930 in a historic district of Memphis. The renter contacted us after she awoke one morning to find the locked door in her bedroom open and a single mysterious wet footprint beside her bed.

During our two hour investigation of this residence, we encountered multiple earthbound spirits, including an African-American man who stood in the middle of the staircase leading upstairs, his African-American female companion (both of whom loved to hang out in the room upstairs where the renter’s son practices with his band) , an older woman who was attached to an aged piano in the living room, an unresponsive¬† young man who sits in a chair in the renter’s bedroom looking out of a window, a malevolent dark energy in an upstairs bedroom and a crossed-over grandmother who watches over her grandson who lives with the renter and her adult children.

Our client is extremely intuitive, and she had already encountered many of these earthbound spirits after moving into the house earlier this year. Since we knew nothing specific about her encounters before our investigation, our findings confirmed and validated each of her experiences involving the earthbound spirits who inhabited her home.

Due to time constraints, we decided to perform a complete vibrational clearing of the space upstairs and downstairs, after which we confirmed that several earthbound spirits had crossed over and the malevolent energy had been removed. We plan to return for a follow up visit soon to ensure that all spirits at the residence received the help that they need.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present during the two hour investigation/rescue were Stephen, Kayla, and Jennifer.

After our investigation, we received this testimonial from Eva, our client:

“I have nothing but pure respect for this team. They are definitely providing a much needed service. As a person with my own gifts, they validated what I had sensed and documented in my home and helped to pass on spirits and clear energies I was unable to. I truly appreciate that they are providing this service for all the right reasons in that they are honoring their gifts by making them freely available to the living and those who have departed but need guidance on to their next adventure. I highly recommend them.”

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