We were contacted by this family in Jackson, Tennessee after an apparition appeared in a photo taken in their yard where an old sharecropper’s cabin once stood. They also recorded an unknown female voice in this same area when only two family members were present.

The first spirit we connected with at the site was an older female who was standing near a tall fieldstone fireplace in the dining room area of the residence. This lady, who showed us a blue navy uniform with five medals, had already crossed over and was connected to the family. It was unclear if she had served in the armed forces herself or if she was expressing her pride for someone in the family who had served in the navy. Regardless, she was extremely proud of this service. The homeowners confirmed that they knew who this person was and were aware of her role in their family’s history of military service.

Next, we were drawn upstairs to the closet area of a bedroom where we encountered the earthbound spirit of a young man named Michael who was connected to the land. He was extremely distraught and kept showing us a rope around his neck. This disturbing image led us to believe that he had committed suicide by hanging or had been hung by accident or on purpose. We called on his people on the Other Side who came immediately, connected with him and helped him to cross over. Later, when we told the homeowners about this spirit, they confirmed that a young African-American man had been found hung nearby on the land many years ago, and it was unclear whether this tragic event was a suicide or the result of something more sinister.

Returning downstairs, we were drawn to a utility room where we found the earthbound spirit of a young boy about 6 or 7 years old with dark hair who was hiding in a corner of the room. He told us that his parents had been killed, and that he was lost. He was from an earlier time period and was connected to the land. When we asked for his parents who had crossed over to be brought to him, they immediately came and took him with them to the Other Side. The homeowners witnessed his crossing, and afterwards, one of the homeowners revealed to us that the little boy had been visiting him for many years in dream states and had actually manifested in energetic form once in the house. This was an extremely emotional event for the homeowner, and we were grateful that we could help this child spirit find his way home after such a long time.

We then walked down into a furnished basement where we encountered a very sweet female earthbound spirit named Marie who appeared to be about 17 or 18 years old. She was not connected to the land or the family, so we felt that she was attracted to the energy of the family’s teenage boys who practiced their guitar and drum playing in the basement and had probably followed a family member to the house. We counseled Marie, but she seemed content with being where she was at that moment. Later, when Stephen performed a vibrational clearing of the basement, he asked for her to be connected with her people on the Other Side when she was ready. During the clearing, he experienced an intense increase in her vibration which led him to believe that she did cross over at that time.

Investigating further on the first floor of the residence, we discovered a portal or energy vortex directly behind a mirror in the master bedroom. The homeowners confirmed that one night earlier in the year, they both had been startled out of their sleep by a brilliant white light which was visible through the windows behind this mirror. The light which they described as “bright as the sun” had lasted less than a minute before it dissipated. Our guides revealed to us that the energy vortex was there due to the intersection of two leylines on the land and that the light was connected to the vortex. Later, during a vibrational clearing of the entire residence, Stephen asked for assistance from our spiritual helpers in closing the portal when the time was right.

After finishing our investigation of the first floor of the residence, we went upstairs to a bedroom where we encountered the earthbound spirit of a very agitated older man who was connected to the family. He firmly believed that this bedroom space was his and his alone, and he was very adamant that everyone, including the family member who occupied the bedroom, should “GET OUT!” While previously attempting to drive everyone away from “his” space, this skilled spirit had been able to produce some extreme physical phenomena witnessed by several family members which included throwing a battery, manifesting a massive concentration of flies near a bedroom window and pushing several family members on the stairs leading to this bedroom. Sensitive family members had also experienced unusual emotional distress whenever they spent time in this bedroom including anxiety and depression.

Shortly after we entered this bedroom and connected with this angry male spirit, we also picked up on a crossed-over female spirit who felt connected to the male spirit. Her specific role there was to counterbalance and contain his outbursts of angry energy. She told us that she was his wife, and that she had been patiently waiting for him to let go of his anger so he could join her on the Other Side. After a tremendous amount of compassionate counseling and energetic healing, we were finally able to help him release everything that was holding him on the earth plane. At that point, he became vibrationally aware of his wife who took him to the Other Side for healing.

The final spirit energy which we discovered in this residence was a very high-vibration protector energy in a different upstairs bedroom occasionally occupied by the homeowners’s two sons who are in the service. We feel that this angelic spirit protector is always with those two young men and made its presence known to us so we could reassure the homeowners that their sons are always being watched over.

At the conclusion of our two hour investigation/rescue, Stephen performed a thorough vibrational clearing of every room in the house after which the homeowners reported a much lighter and more peaceful feeling in their home.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present during the investigation were Jennifer and Stephen. We were also joined by our good friend and occasional guest investigator, Stevie M, a very gifted spiritual medium from Memphis.

Several days after our visit, we received this much appreciated testimonial from one of the family members:

“I contacted Stephen when we experienced several strange things in a short time. We had experienced it before, but it was not as frequent. First off, they all were professional and exuded a sense of calm, which put us both at ease. They were able to make contact with the spirits and help them cross over. We are relieved the spirit activity matched up to our experience. We will definitely contact them again if we need them. Thank you for the service you provide.”

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