A friend of Stephen’s contacted him for help in determining the source of frightening and escalating paranormal disturbances which her close friend had recently experienced in her home. This included heavy footsteps, doors opening and closing on their own, a microwave that would switch on and off by itself and the final straw – a perceived attack by a shadowy figure holding a large, pillow-shaped object over the homeowner’s face when she awoke one night.

This house would prove to be one of the most unusual and challenging Investigation sites we have ever encountered due to its location! More on that later.

When we entered the den of the house, all three of us were immediately aware of a male spirit and a female spirit in the house. Our psychic connections were dampened, however, as if they were being blocked or as if we were standing in the middle of some sort of dense, energetic fog. We were very perplexed by this blockage because we are always able to walk into any site and immediately connect with any spirit energies who are there, no matter if they are earthbound or crossed-over.

After some discussion about this, we decided to continue our walk-through of the house to determine if the interference was localized in the den. The next room we entered was a downstairs bedroom, and it was apparent to us that a different earthbound male spirit was standing in a corner of this room. Again, however, we couldn’t seem to get a strong fix on his energy.

So at this point, we were certain that there were at least three spirits in the house, but our energetic connections were so diluted or blocked that we weren’t able to receive any specific information about any of them at that time.

After checking another room downstairs and the kitchen, which were both clear, we climbed the stairs to investigate the second floor bedrooms, bathroom and attic. Upstairs in a bedroom, we found the earthbound spirit of a young girl about 14 years old whose name was Cherry or Cheryl. Our connection with this spirit was considerably stronger, and we were able to intuit that she usually stayed in this bedroom at the end of the upstairs hall, but would often walk to the bathroom at the other end of the hall. We were able to connect with her and receive this much information, but not much else.

We continued investigating the rest of the upstairs including the attic, but all other areas on the second floor were clear.

By this time, we all realized that we had developed rather severe headaches and were experiencing intermittent dizziness. Curious as to what could be causing such a foggy feeling and the blockage of our perceptions, Stephen suddenly remembered a similar situation he had encountered in a house many years ago and decided to check the EMF levels in the house using a highly sensitive EMF meter. EMF is short for ElectroMagnetic Field, an invisible area of energy, often referred to as radiation, associated with the use of man-made power. The particular meter which he used will respond very quickly to changes in electrical/magnetic fields being generated within a particular area. He expected the meter readings to be high, but was shocked that they were continuously and literally off the scale! Could this intense EMF be caused by faulty wiring or was it something else?

Retracing our steps, we went through the entire house again, and it became apparent that every room was saturated with high intensity EMF, very likely the source of the blockages and headaches which we all were experiencing. The mystery was finally solved when the homeowner’s friend casually mentioned that high-tension transmission towers and power lines run along the back edge of the property. Since we had arrived after dark, we had not seen them, but a quick look outside verified their location at the edge of the property. We now understood that we had been constantly bathed in a massive high-voltage-generated electromagnetic field which was definitely interfering with the transfer of thought energy between us and the spirits we had encountered in the house.

At this point, Stephen was guided to perform a vibrational clearing throughout the entire house in an effort to dampen or neutralize the EMF fog. During the clearing, Cherry, the young earthbound female spirit in the upstairs bedroom crossed over when Stephen called for her loved ones on the other side.

This energetic clearing/recalibration definitely helped because soon after, we were finally able to communicate clearly with the first male energy whom we had encountered. This person was the crossed-over husband of the homeowner, and he validated his identity to her by telling Kayla a particular song that the homeowner recognized.

At this time, Jennifer was also able to receive information that earthbound spirits are able to “skate” or travel along the intense energy fields generated by the high-tension power lines at the rear of the property and can “drop into” any space they are attracted to, including this house. We asked for this energetic pathway to the house to be blocked in the future.

Our final task at this site was to deal with the malevolent earthbound spirit who reportedly had been stomping up the stairs, slamming doors, causing electrical disturbances and the final coup de grâce, perpetrating a nighttime attack on the homeowner in an attempt to feed off of her fear. We quickly discovered that particular spirit was not going to cooperate with us no matter how much compassionate counseling we offered. Since his intent was harmful and could not be changed, we called on one of our powerful spiritual allies and asked that he be removed, and he was quickly taken away. A walk-through confirmed that that the house was now clear and that our work there was finished.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present during this two-hour investigation/rescue were Stephen, Kayla and Jennifer.

Several days after our visit, we received this thank you/testimonial from Janice, the homeowner:

“I had been experiencing some paranormal activity in my home for quite some time. On the advice from a friend, she contacted Stephen and scheduled a visit to my house. I was very anxious, but after Stephen, Kayla and Jennifer came to my house, I felt like I had known them for years. They were very professional, respectful and courteous. Stephen explained what they were here to do and that I could walk along with them if I desired to. They walked through the entire house, room by room, and located the source of disturbance. They were able to make contact with three spirits and help them cross over. I am so grateful that they were here, explained everything and cleared my house. Thanks so much to Memphis Ghost Investigations and Spirit Rescue!”

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