We were called to this house by a mutual friend of the homeowner who had learned about several odd occurrences in her friend’s home including knocking sounds, light bulbs being blown out and a strong “wind” that pulsed through the living room one night when no windows were open, forcibly moving the hair of a guest in the home.

Immediately upon entering the residence, we were greeted by a crossed-over male spirit who was eager to talk and gave a very detailed description of himself to Jennifer. This description was immediately recognized and validated by the homeowner and her friend as being a favorite uncle related by marriage who had passed away years before. He told us that he returns often to watch over the homeowner and the land which brought tremendous comfort to the homeowner. His favorite spot in the residence is a corner of the den near a writing desk.

Next, Jennifer connected with a crossed-over female spirit named Joanie with medium length curly hair who was fond of a miniature china tea set she had once owned. She was very happy that “her” tea set had been purchased by the homeowner’s friend as a gift for the homeowner who now proudly displays it in her bedroom.

At this point, Stephen was drawn to a small bedroom in the front part of the residence where he connected with the earthbound spirits of two African-American children, a tall, thin girl named Sadie about 13 years old who presented to us in a faded, blue dress with white trim at the bottom. At her side, holding her hand, was her very shy and very quiet younger brother, Sam, who appeared to be about 9 or 10 years old. Sadie wasn’t able to tell us what had happened to them, only that they had been there for a very long time, and they wanted to make sure that the homeowner was safe. Other things she revealed indicated that they had been with the homeowner since she was a child. The homeowner confirmed that the nearby house where she lived as a child had been built on top of the site of an old sharecropper’s shack where an African-American family had once lived.

To ease the children’s crossing, we called on Alice and Dougie, two very special spirit helpers who often assist us when we work with earthbound child spirits. Their soothing energy immediately calmed Sadie and Sam who seemed ready to cross. Suddenly, everyone in the room felt the incredibly uplifting presence of a beautiful high-vibrational energy which filled the room near Sadie and Sam. There was no hesitation on their part, and they immediately stepped into the Light and crossed over. At this point, it became very interesting! Earthbound spirits from everywhere around the site began streaming into the room, attracted by the intense light of this angelic presence, and there was a mass crossing that lasted for several minutes!

We all felt blessed to have witnessed this very special event! But we still had work to do, so we continued our walk though of the house. On the opposite side of the entrance hallway, we connected with the high-vibrational energy of a crossed-over female spirit who showed Jennifer a swirling cloud of hummingbirds. The homeowner immediately recognized this spirit to be her mother who loved to watch hummingbirds eat from the many feeders she had placed on her back porch. Her mother then delivered a private message for the homeowner through Jennifer which shed some light on a long-standing family mystery.

To complete our work at this site, Stephen went from room to room and performed a through vibrational clearing of the entire residence, as well as the land beneath and surrounding it.

Memphis Ghost Investigation & Spirit Rescue members who were present during this investigation/rescue were Jennifer and Stephen. We were also accompanied by our gifted friend, KC, who has the ability to sense spirits.

A week after our visit we received this beautiful thank you/testimonial from Ann, the homeowner:

“A week ago today, Stephen and Jennifer came to visit my home because a friend of mine suggested reaching out to them. I have lived here for several years, but this was also my childhood location, and I have always felt something that I couldn’t explain. In recent years, there seemed to be more and more unexplainable things going on which made me feel uncomfortable in my own home. They didn’t want me to share any history before they came, and even when they arrived, they asked that I not tell them details until after they were finished.

This was such a moving experience that I would absolutely do it again and recommend others to do it as well. I am such a factual person and have difficulty with anything that I can’t put into my box, but as I listened to Jennifer, I immediately connected with who she was describing which brought me to tears because he was an uncle I loved dearly. He was not earthbound, but visited from time to time. Until that night, I thought that once you crossed over that was it, but I learned that they can come back and forth.

There were other bits and pieces from family, but what was amazing was when Stephen and Jennifer both picked up on two earthbound children who were here when I was a child. How long before that we don’t know, but Sadie and Sam were crossed over that night, as well as some others who followed them.

I was so overwhelmed with what took place that it has taken me days to try to process and put into words. Sadie wouldn’t cross until I said I would be safe without her. It seems she tried to protect me when I was a child in an abusive home. I thank her for that and hope that she is at peace as well. It was sad to say goodbye even though I didn’t know she was with me all those years.

Since the visit I can say that my home is very quiet – the strange noises are gone. But most importantly, there is a calm about me and this house that I have never felt before. Thank you for coming all the way down here to my home which is in north Mississippi. I really appreciate you coming this far to help me. Your gifts are real, and your kindness is a blessing to anyone that meets you.”

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