Our investigation of this large, rambling one-story house built in 1906 in Coffeeville, Mississippi resulted from an urgent call which Stephen received from Gerri, a friend of Bill, the homeowner. After a long period of sporadic paranormal activity which included thrown objects, unseen persons laying down on beds, footsteps, lights and appliances turning on and off, a dark moving “cloud” in one room and a scary hissing stuffed bobcat, the activity intensified over a two night period, prompting Gerri and Bill to contact us for help.

Two nights before Gerri called, she had experienced a significant paranormal event while working alone in the kitchen of the house that sounded like heavy footsteps in the adjacent dining room and someone kicking a box. The next thing she heard was a thunderous, crashing noise like glass was shattering everywhere in that part of the house. Thinking that someone had broken in, she left immediately and called the police. An officer met her at the door and searched the house thoroughly, but no intruders were found, and there was no broken glass in the dining room.

This event reminded Stephen of a similar situation years ago when he had helped a family in Arkansas. They had contacted him after being awakended night after night by a terrible cacophony which sounded like every pot and pan hanging from hooks in their kitchen had come crashing down. Every time they rushed into the kitchen to check, there was never anything out of place. So a similar scenario was occurring in this Mississippi house which didn’t surprise Stephen. After years of investigation experience, he knew that frustrated spirits who need help in crossing often manipulate energy and use it to create sounds and voices which can’t be ignored by homeowners.

The final terrifying event which prompted Gerri and Bill to contact us occurred the following night when two locked pocket doors in the parlor area were violently shaken in front of several witnesses by an unseen force.

Several days prior to our investigation, Stephen had Googled the site address and found a street view photo of the house online. Immediately, he had connected with a crossed-over male spirit and a female earthbound spirit at the house, and on the night of our investigation, we were greeted by these same two spirit energies several miles out from the site.

After we arrived and entered the kitchen of the house, we encountered a female spirit who seemed curious, but quickly walked away towards the dining room. We decided to give her time to become comfortable with us being there, so instead, we walked into a bedroom beside the kitchen. In this space, Kayla connected with the crossed-over spirit of an elderly man who presented himself to us as being bald on top with wispy white hair around the sides and back of his head. Our clients did not immediately recognize this man, and Kayla felt that he was somehow connected to the bed in the bedroom.

The next room we entered was also used as a bedroom. Here we encountered a stern, crossed-over male spirit who indicated that he had briefly worked with the homeowner when they were both much younger. For several minutes, he kept showing Kayla a red and white storefront sign which was apparently very significant to him. He presented himself to us in a military uniform and gave his rank as second lieutenant, an achievement of which he was very proud. The homeowner was unable to recall this person, but we advised him to file this information away in his memory in case it became clearer to him at a later time. Stephen felt like this gentleman was the crossed-over male spirit with whom he had connected when he first saw a photo of the house online.

While Jennifer and Kayla focused on the male spirit, Stephen’s attention was drawn to the energy of a young earthbound female spirit who had entered the room behind him from somewhere in the front of the house. At this point, we all focused on her, but she would not communicate with us and quickly left the area. She would reappear later near the end of our investigation.

We continued our tour of the house through a bathroom, a third bedroom, the old parlor and the entrance hall. All of these areas were clear.

The final room which we checked was the dining room where Gerri had heard the ear-splitting sound of crashing glass. In a corner of this room stood the earthbound spirit of a young woman, about 24 years of age, from an earlier time period who was wearing a gingham dress. This was the female earthbound spirit whose energy we had briefly glimpsed in the kitchen when we first arrived. This was also the female spirit with whom Stephen had connected when he had first looked at a photo of the house online.

Her vibration seemed to fluctuate up and down considerably, and we all agreed that although she was still earthbound, she had perhaps gotten a glimpse of someone waiting for her on the Other Side and was aware that there was something beyond her current existence. Apparently she was content to stay in this area of the house, though, because that was where Gerri always felt her presence and had also caught a brief glimpse of her several times.

This young woman, whose name was May, was very talkative, and for the next five to ten minutes, she continued to give Kayla and Jennifer specific details about her pioneer life on the North Dakota prairie in the 1870s.

She was able to remember vivid images of living on a farm with her family, the smell of smoke, the sensation of running through a field and the fear she felt when hiding from Indians in tall grass beside a pond. She could also recall the pain of an arrow in her lower left leg. The last thing she could remember is the date, 1898, likely the date of her passing.

We all felt that she had come to the house with a particular piece of antique furniture which Bill, the homeowner, had inherited from one of his family members. We began to project healing energy to her in an attempt to bridge the gap between her and her Loved Ones who were waiting for her on the Other Side. We also explained to her that she could come back after she crossed over if she wanted to check on the piece of furniture that was so dear to her and that she could also visit Bill and Gerri whenever she wanted. We left her to think about this and decided to do a final walk-through of the house to make sure that we had not missed anyone.

As we walked through the house again, Gerri pointed out a corner room that we had previously missed because we thought the closed door leading to it was a closet door. As soon as we walked into this room, each one of us felt a tremendous pressure on the left side of our chest and became aware of an angry older man standing in the corner. Even though he was extremely angry, there was also a feeling of intense sadness and frustration around him, and we all felt tremendous compassion for this man. Gerri had been aware of this presence in her craft room for a long time and had actually seen this spirit in a hallway in the house, so she immediately recognized who we had connected with. This was a previous owner of the house who had died there and not been discovered for several days which explained his pain and hopelessness which had developed into the energy of anger. As we were speaking with him, a crossed-over female spirit entered the space whom Gerri recognized as this man’s wife. We continued to project healing energy to him and urged him to release his frustration and anger so he could go with her. Slowly, we felt his vibration raise as he considered our suggestion, and when we left the two of them there, we felt sure that he would cross over within a day or two.

At this point, Stephen was guided to perform a thorough vibrational clearing of the entire space. Apparently, the intense light created by the clearing drew a small group of earthbound spirits from the funeral home across the street! When everyone regrouped at the dining room table after the clearing so we could reveal our findings and hear about the homeowners’s experiences before our investigation, a dozen earthbound spirits suddenly appeared and stood silently, shoulder to shoulder behind Kayla. In this group of earthbound spirits was the curious young girl who had peeked into the bedroom where we encountered the military man. We expect that she and the rest of these earthbounds automatically connected with their Loved Ones on the Other Side at this point and decided to cross over. At this time, Stephen also noticed a dime laying on the dining room table which had not been there previously. No one present had put the dime there, so this was apparently an apport, a gift from one of the spirits at the house.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present at this investigation/rescue were Stephen, Kayla and Jennifer.

Several days after our visit to Coffeeville, we received this heartfelt thank you/testimonial from Gerri:

“I contacted Stephen after experiencing severe unexplainable occurrences around the house. I was at the point of not being able to be in the house alone. When the team arrived they picked up on several energies. They were able to connect with them all, one in particular that was causing me much distress. By the time the investigation was compete the overall feeling in the house was so much lighter. We definitely recommend Stephen, Jennifer, and Kayla. Thanks again for putting our minds at ease!”

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