During our first investigation of this large two-story house located in the Glenview Historic District of Memphis, Tennessee, we encountered multiple spirits and were able to help many of them to cross over. Due to time constraints, however, we weren’t able to work with every earthbound spirit there, so we knew that a follow up visit would be necessary. The homeowner had also neglected to tell us about a basement which they always kept locked because of the negative energy they all felt whenever they went down there. We had seen the locked basement door during our first visit, but had assumed it was a locked pantry. Our curiosity was piqued now, and we also knew that we had to clear that space!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the homeowner’s son, Kyle, and his girlfriend, Bethany, who gave us free reign to investigate throughout the house while they both stayed downstairs.

We felt that our first order of business was to investigate the mysterious basement to find out exactly who (or what) was lurking down there creating the bad vibes. Old basements are always creepy, and this one proved to be no exception!

At the foot of the basement stairs, we immediately picked up on the energy of a very angry earthbound male spirit. As we reached the last step, this spirit rushed up directly in front of Jennifer’s face in an attempt to frighten us. Surprised that this didn’t work, he immediately retreated back into the inky shadows of the crawl space under the streetside of the house.

Looking around, Stephen noticed a large, deep sink in front of a pegboard wall which suggested to him that this space had once been used as a darkroom. Apparently, the upset male spirit had spent a lot of time working down there and considered it “his” personal space.

We continued checking the rest of the basement, and at one point, Jennifer suddenly saw a large number of dark shadows weaving back-and-forth along one of the outside walls. We decided that the best thing to do would be to clear the space immediately with the intent of lifting all low-vibrational energies lurking down there into the Light. When Stephen performed this vibrational clearing, Kyle and Bethany, who were waiting in the living room upstairs witnessed some extremely interesting phenomena every time Stephen struck his rose quartz clearing crystal with his special tuning fork. More about this later! After making sure that the entire basement was now clear, we climbed the basement steps to continue our work upstairs.

Going from room to room on the first floor, we were gratified to learn that three of the four earthbound spirits we had worked with during our first visit to the house on November 1st had crossed over and were no longer there. This included Josephine, a sweet elderly lady who had been attached to an old piano in the living room, an extremely angry young man trapped in rear corner bedroom of the house who had met an unfortunate end and an older woman we had discovered working in the kitchen. Each of the these three rooms were completely clear, so we were certain that these previously earthbound spirits were now with their Loved Ones on the Other Side.

Sensing that we would need to devote considerable time to counseling a particular earthbound male spirit who continued to sit in a chair in a corner of Eva’s bedroom, we decided to save our work with him until later and instead, focus our time and energy on completing a full sweep of the upper living spaces.

As we reached the top of the second floor stairs, we were greeted by two high-vibrational spirits. These were the previously earthbound African-American male and female spirits whom we had encountered on our first visit. Both of them were now crossed-over. Stephen picked up their names clearly this time – Abe (or Abraham) for the man and Junie for his female companion. They both had definitely been associated with the house at one time, and the feeling we got about them at this point was that they were very interested in the music which was being created and practiced by the Kyle and Bethany who write music and play in a band together. There was also a very strong feeling/knowing that Abe and Junie were acting as inspirational musical muses from the Other Side for the young songwriters, musicians and singers in the band!

After thanking these two for their inspiration and support, we continued our walk-through of the second floor. We were drawn to the bathroom where Stephen had experienced a significant paranormal event during our first visit. That time, he had witnessed a hairbrush being picked up and tossed a distance of one foot by unseen hands. We both recognized that the mirror in this bathroom was a portal which entities could use to enter the house, and it needed additional and intense clearing. We later advised the renter to remove this mirror from the house.

In the room adjacent to this bathroom, we both picked up on the same crossed-over grandmother spirit whom we had previously encountered there in that space. In addition, there was now a crossed-over male spirit with her who felt like a grandfatherly energy. They did not seem to be related, but were there because of their connections to different people who were living in the house. Again, we felt that the female spirit was connected to the young man who lived in this room, but the male’s energy felt more connected to Eva, who rents the house. We were pulled toward a small door in the wall reportedly shook and rattled at different times of the day or night. In a small attic space behind this door, we discovered a folded-up American flag that had been tossed onto the attic floor. Immediately, it became evident that the flag was connected to the crossed-over male spirit in the room. This was Kyle’s grandfather, and the flag had been used to honor his service to our country. Apparently, he was responsible for shaking the attic door because he wanted that flag to be displayed downstairs in the house somewhere and not stuck away in the]is dark attic space. We advised Kyle to take care of this as soon as possible

We moved on, and when we checked the other bedroom on the second floor that had harbored a dense, dark energy during our first visit, we confirmed that this space was now clear. The young couple who sleep in this space also confirmed that the feelings of heaviness and depression had lifted we had performed a clearing during our first visit, and the room now felt neutral and peaceful.

Returning downstairs, we went into Eva’s bedroom and began to work with the stubborn, young earthbound male spirit who continued to sit in a chair in the corner of this room and stare out of the window. Initially, he was not very talkative, but Jennifer connected with him enough to get his name, Russell, and Stephen also picked up on the his interest in aviation. We explained to him that he could fulfill his dreams of being a pilot on the Other Side where his only limitations were his imagination. This peaked his interest, and his vibration began to raise. At this point, Jennifer noticed that a younger, crossed-over spirit had entered the room. She immediately connected with this young spirit girl, who told her that her name was Amy and that she was the young man’s sister. We worked with him for five or ten minutes to help him to be able to perceive her energy, and explained to him that he could go with her whenever he chose.

This concluded our investigation/rescue work during our follow up visit to Eva’s house. Later, we received these two very interesting testimonials from Kyle and Bethany, who had stayed in the living room during our entire visit:

“You really surprised me by validating some of the things I was already experiencing in the house, as well as some experiences I had while you were at the house. When you did the cleansing in the basement with your special kind of tuning fork, I was upstairs in the living room at the time. With every hit of the tuning fork, all of the lights in the living room flickered intensely followed by what I can only describe as figures, or floating objects perhaps, moving from door to door very quickly. With the very last hit of the tuning fork, it seemed as if a weight had been lifted from the house. The lights brightened, and the air became cool and natural. I’ve never really experienced the weight or “heaviness” which my family has described in the house. It seemed to just up and leave right then and there, and there was a dramatic difference in the way it felt to be in the house before you came and when you left. You left us with a much more inviting atmosphere and with a whole lot less unexplainable activity. I can’t thank you enough for coming and donating your time for the betterment of others. Really an incredible group of people who know what they’re doing!”

“As Kyle said, you validated some things that I had heard/seen so I no longer felt so insane. Your work is very much appreciated and will not be forgotten!”

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