This quaint rental property was built in 1947 in the High Point Terrace area of Memphis. We were referred to the client by his friend who had also experienced a haunting in her Midtown home which had resulted in an investigation and several spirit rescues conducted there by Stephen in 2013.

The client contacted us because he had experienced an extremely frightening episode during which he was forcibly held down in his bed by an unseen force. Before this event, he had heard loud knocking on the wall behind his bed.

During our investigation of the residence, we encountered a very sweet young female spirit named Helen who was attached to a dressing table that she had once owned. This particular piece of furniture had passed to our client through his grandmother’s estate, and he confirmed that his grandmother was not the original owner. The style and condition of the dressing table suggested that it was from the 1930s or 1940s.

Oftentimes our team members are able to pick up important intuitive information before we ever reach a site. Sometimes this information is revealed during a dream state. Sometimes spirits will reach out during waking hours and share information about themselves before we investigate the site.

How is this possible?

There is an energetic “web” that connects everything in our universe. When someone contacts us by phone, email or text, an energetic “cord” is established between Stephen and the client. The client is already connected energetically to any spirits at the site, so at that point, information can flow freely from any or all of those spirits through the client “connection” and then on to Stephen.

When Stephen informs Kayla and Jennifer about an investigation at a particular site, that energetic “cord” is extended even further to both of them, and at that point, they are able to “read” the energy of any spirits at the site. So, if a particular spirit is excited that we are coming and wants to communicate information to any one of us or all of us before we arrive at a site, this is not only possible, but it occurs quite often.

Jennifer recently demonstrated the validity of remote energetic information connections when she was able to connect with and rescue three spirits at a residence in Oklahoma whose owner had contacted us by email. She also performed a long distance clearing of the residence by phone.

Scientists are actually exploring the theory that the basis of the universe is information. Read more about this here:

But back to Helen …

In a dream state, Jennifer was shown an automobile accident involving Helen. This happened so suddenly that Helen was unaware that she had passed. She also reached out and passed important information to Kayla on the morning of our evening investigation so we already knew that a female spirit would be there before we arrived, and we already knew several things about her.

When we encountered her in a bedroom in the residence, Helen was sitting in front of her dressing table brushing her long, blond hair and preparing to go to a social event. In effect, Helen was caught in a perpetual memory “loop” that was so strong that she was mostly unaware of what has happening around her.

Helen appeared to be in her late 20’s and told us that she is a nurse. She was wearing her favorite pink sweater. She was also the spirit that our client had heard knocking on the wall behind his bed when he experienced the feeling of being held down. Why was Helen knocking? She told us that the dark energy in the other room was frightening her, and she had knocked on the wall to chase it away.

At this point, we spoke with Helen about rejoining her Loved Ones on the Other Side who had been patiently waiting for her. We gently counseled her and also worked with her vibrationally. Soon her vibration began to elevate, and she was able to connect with a brother who had already crossed over. Her brother brought a Yorkie that Helen also recognized, and she was finally able to release and peaceably crossed over with them.

We completed our one hour investigation/rescue at this site by performing a thorough vibrational clearing of the entire house and the land to remove the troublesome dark energy that had bothered our client and to also transmute any low vibrational energies that had accumulated in the house over its long history.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present during the investigation, Helen’s spirit rescue and the site clearing were Stephen, Kayla, and Jennifer.

Here’s the testimonial we received from Tait, our client, a few days after our visit:

“After a frightening paranormal experience in my home, I contacted Stephen on the advice of a friend. He responded right away and immediately scheduled a visit to my house with his team. They arrived Sunday evening just as planned. I was feeling very anxious and uncertain, having never done anything like this before (admittedly, I had once been a bit of a skeptic), but they brought with them such comfort and reassurance that everything would be okay. Even just the gentle presences of Stephen, Kayla, and Jennifer in my home made me feel better. They walked through the house and located the source of the disturbance. They helped the presence move on and then did a clearing of the house and grounds. I’m not sure how else to explain this other than that the house felt lighter, and so did I. Stephen told me to reach out should I have any questions, and he later recommended a couple of books to read to help me process what I experienced. I am so deeply grateful to the whole team. They helped the presence move on; they also helped me feel better and finally able to rest in my own home. I cannot thank them enough.”

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