We were invited to visit this beautiful turn-of-the century two-story house in Midtown Memphis by the homeowner, whom Stephen had previously helped in 2013 when she had lived in a different, but also very active Midtown house. The homeowner, who is intuitive herself, had felt the presence of a spirit in the upstairs area of the home where she suffered intense headaches and was habitually awakened every night around 3 AM. Another group had investigated the site about six months earlier, but had not been able to provide a peaceful resolution to the activity.

When we entered the house, we immediately felt the presence of a tall, thin earthbound female spirit who was curiously peeking around a corner in the hallway. She suddenly vanished, but we would soon meet her again later during our investigation.

We began our walk-through of the downstairs of the house, and when we entered a large dining room with a piano at one end, we all picked up on the residual energy of a small boy from an earlier time period who had played in this area of the house. This energetic imprint from the past was slowly fading over time, but still evident to some degree.

Next, we checked the kitchen and another room downstairs which were both clear, so we climbed the stairs to the second floor.

The homeowner had not previously told us where any activity had occurred in the house (we never want to know anything before investigating), but as soon as we entered her bedroom, it was apparent that this was a “hot spot”. Here, we connected with the earthbound spirit of a young male named Ben from contemporary times who kept walking away from us hurriedly in a circle through the bedroom, through the adjoining bathroom, through the adjoining sewing room, down the hallway and then repeating the circuit again starting in the bedroom. After a few more circuits and several attempts to get him to stop, we were finally able to get his attention. Although he was in a very confused state of mind, he calmed down enough to give us some clues about what had happened to him.

Apparently, this poor soul had accidentally overdosed somewhere nearby after taking something (drugs?) that must have been tainted. All he could remember was feeling high and then getting into a hot bath. We all felt that his heart had stopped from an overdose or he had become extremely ill, passed out and accidentally drowned. After reassuring him that he could receive healing if he released from the site, we called on his loved ones from the other side, and a crossed-over female friend, possibly his girlfriend, came to help him cross over.

The next room we entered was the bedroom of the homeowner’s child. In this space, we all felt the presence of a beautiful, angelic protector energy in one corner of the room. This discovery brought a lot of comfort to the homeowner knowing that her child is being watched over and protected by such a powerful, high-vibrational energy.

Continuing our walk-through of the second floor, we entered a room where we felt the presence of two very connected spirit energies, a male and a female who were both crossed-over. These two spirit energies were so interconnected that it was difficult to separate them, almost as if they were one balanced masculine/feminine energy. At this point, Kayla picked up on the number 13 which proved to be very significant. Tuning into these energies, Stephen was able to determine that these were actually the crossed-over spirits of two earthbound spirit children who had been rescued in the homeowner’s previous Midtown house back in 2013. Having read that spirit children continue to grow up in the afterlife after they cross over, it became apparent to Stephen that these were the same children from the previous house, but six years older. These two grateful spirits had just dropped in to say hello and let the homeowner know that they visit from time to time.

Next, we went to a large attic space which had been converted into a guest room and an office for the homeowner’s partner. The guest room part of the attic was clear, but the office space was another matter!

We always learn something important every time we work with earthbound spirits, and this experience would prove to be very enlightening. In this office space, we connected with a very remorseful earthbound male spirit who had been an abusive alcoholic during his lifetime. Whenever he went on a drinking binge, he would physically and emotionally abuse his girlfriend/fiancé. After his passing, he had plenty of time to contemplate the terrible damage he had inflicted on the one person he had truly loved, and he was in a state of self-imposed torment over his misdeeds. We explained to him that we could call for his girlfriend/fiancé, and she would certainly forgive him and help him to cross over to heal from his addiction. He couldn’t believe this, and we knew he needed to think about it for a while so we decided to go downstairs to check the last space in the house that we hadn’t visited yet – the basement.

The first spirit we encountered there was standing in a corner of the basement which was being used as a workshop by the homeowner’s partner. This earthbound was teenage boy around 17 years old who apparently roamed the neighborhood in search of anything that might interest him. This funny young man fancied himself a “ladies man”, and was a bit forward with several of the ladies in our group who laughingly brushed off his playful comments. We intuitively knew that he was not ready to cross over, but we explained to him that he could choose to cross over at any time and gave him a “password” to say when he was ready to initiate his crossing. True to form, he asked if he could call on “Gabriella” instead of “Gabriel”, and we said sure!

Moving on into the laundry area of the basement, we again encountered the earthbound spirit of the young woman whom we had briefly seen when we first entered the house. From the way she was dressed, she appeared to be domestic worker from the early 1920’s who had apparently worked in the house at some time and felt like she still had to keep working although she really “hated doing laundry”. This engaging young woman must have been a very progressive thinker during the time period in which she lived because she readily expressed her opinions about women’s equality and marriage and used some very “salty” language to drive her points home. We all really liked this young woman’s energy and explained to her that she didn’t have to continue to work, but could cross over at any time and be with her two children whom she adored. She didn’t think long about this scenario and transitioned with ease.

At this point, we returned to the attic office space to work again with the agonized earthbound male spirit there. He seemed much calmer at that point, and we asked if we could call on his girlfriend/fiancé. He still seemed stunned that such a thing could be possible, but he consented. What happened next really surprised us! We expected to feel the energy of a crossed-over spirit, but instead, the earthbound spirit of a lovely young woman appeared, ready to forgive him and cross over with him. It was very apparent that she loved him so much that she would not cross over without him and had been patiently waiting on him to forgive himself so they could cross together. When she took his hand, his vibration soared, and they went into the Light together. Beautiful! So, the valuable lesson we learned is that earthbound spirits who are deeply connected to an earthbound partner, family member or friend will sometimes wait for those souls to work out their lifetime issues before they will transition themselves.

Close to the end of our two-hour investigation, Stephen went from room to room (there were a lot of rooms in this huge house!) and performed a high-vibrational clearing of the entire space using his tuning fork which is tuned to a certain frequency and his rose quart crystal which acts as an amplifier. This method is an extremely effective variation of the traditional sage smudging technique which some people use to clear spaces, but with our method, people who are allergic to smoke are not affected.

During our final walk-though of the entire house with the homeowner, she commented on how light and peaceful her home now felt, and we were all astounded by the increased amplified vibration emitted by the high-vibrational protector energy in her child’s bedroom after the clearing.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present during this investigation/rescue were Kayla, Jennifer and Stephen. We were also accompanied by Reagan Andrews, a University of Memphis Journalism Department senior, who posted a very informative multimedia interview and report about our work on the Memphis Mirror website.

A week after of visit, Erin, the homeowner, sent this nice thank you to us:

“Stephen and his team were extremely responsive, kind, and professional as they helped several spirits cross over in my Midtown home. I had worked with Stephen while living in my previous home, and when I noticed strange things happening in this one, I knew that he would be the best person to call. When they were finished, my house felt so much lighter and calmer. Thank you!”

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