Normally, we investigate residences, businesses and public sites within a 150 mile radius of Memphis, Tennessee. However, we’re always willing to travel much farther (over 600 miles round trip in this particular case) when children are being terrorized by spirits. Our ten-hour road trip to and from this house in Fentress County north of Crossville, Tennessee resulted from an urgent request we received from the mother of three young children who had all experienced frightening paranormal encounters over a period of many months.

Interestingly, our interaction with lost, wayward spirits actually began long before we arrived at the site when we picked up a spirit “hitchhiker” shortly after crossing the Tennessee River on I-40. Stephen was the first to connect with this earthbound male energy who had apparently wandered out from the heavily wooded hills on either side of the interstate. Kayla and Jennifer soon connected with him, too, and before long, we had a detailed description of him, as well as a very good idea of why he had come to us. Wearing what first appeared to be a hunting vest (but was actually a parachute vest), this genial, but very confused fellow was a serviceman from the World War II era who had been searching for his middle Tennessee family members for a very long time. We were able to connect him with his Loved Ones on the Other Side, at which time he eagerly and gratefully crossed over.

This type of occurrence is quite common for mediums because spirits will always gravitate towards individuals who can see and hear them, no matter the location … including inside a car passing by at 70 miles an hour!

Several hours after this unexpected encounter on the highway, we arrived at our client’s house and immediately connected with a heavyset, earthbound male spirit as soon as we walked into the living room. This particular spirit proved to be very uncommunicative, however, and would only partially show himself. After intensely focusing on his energy, Jennifer was finally able to get a visual of Timberland-type boots and blue jeans, but he would not show his face to her or anything above his waist. When repeated attempts to communicate with this uncooperative spirit lead nowhere, we decided to come back to him later and began our walk-through of the rest of the house.

The first bedroom we entered was shared by the two youngest children in the family, a boy and a girl. We had been told that both of these children had experienced paranormal phenomena somewhere in the house (we never ask where specifically), but this room, on the left side of a long hallway, proved to be completely clear of any spirit energies.

The master bedroom at the end of hallway was another story, however! There, in one corner of the room, we all felt the panicked energy of an extremely distraught female earthbound spirit. This young woman presented herself to us with a face that had been mostly burnt away on the right side in some sort of accident, or worse, deliberately by someone who had wanted to terminally injure her. This poor soul was continuously reliving the horror and agony of that terrible experience, and she presented herself exactly as she remembered herself looking in the last moments of her life – horribly disfigured and twisted over in pain with long scraggly, unkempt blond hair. This was the terrifying manifestation she had presented to the youngest child in the family who had described seeing a “monster” in the hallway.

We spent a considerable amount of time working with this tragic earthbound female spirit whose name was Karen. After calling in energetic healers from the Other Side, we were finally able to get her to calm down enough to listen to us as we gently described to her how she could be completely healed from her pain and suffering. Gradually she was able to “see” herself as she once had looked before her disfigurement, and at that point, she was able to connect with her Loved Ones on the Other Side and cross over. This was a moving experience for all of us, and also for the homeowner who had often felt a “presence” touch her in this room and had also felt someone unseen sit down beside her on her bed.

Moving from the master bedroom, we then entered the older child’s bedroom, and as we suspected, we discovered a protective, high-vibrational energy stationed there to watch over this highly gifted child. Although a number of spirits had apparently come and gone through this space in an attempt to communicate with the child as they sought help from someone who could see and hear them, this protective energy made sure that no harm could come to the child. We expressed gratitude for this protection and requested that the child not be bothered by any more earthbound spirits in the future, but rather that those seeking help in crossing would automatically be directed to us for help instead.

The final room left to check was the kitchen which was adjacent to the older child’s bedroom. Here, in a broom closet, we found the earthbound spirit of a young boy with short, cropped dark hair who appeared to be seven to ten years old. When questioned, he meekly told us that he had been told to wait patiently in the kitchen for someone to come for him. This child spirit was very respectful and dutifully revealed to Kayla that his name was Tommy Joseph Henderson. Soon, we all felt the presence of a crossed-over female spirit enter the kitchen whom we presumed to be one of his grandmothers. We were able to connect them energetically, and Tommy’s long wait was finally over as he cheerfully went with this lady. The homeowner later revealed to us that her oldest child had seen this little boy spirit several times in her room. This made perfect sense to us since there was only a wall between the child’s bedroom and the broom closet, and Tommy apparently had wandered into her room several times to play with her.

At this point, we went back to the living room and focused our attention on the earthbound male spirit whom we had all connected with when we first entered the house. Stephen was able to clearly hear a name at this time – Raymond. The homeowner confirmed that an older gentleman named Raymond had lived in a trailer across the road from their house and had passed away several months earlier.

This restless male spirit suddenly left the room, and we all were drawn to the front porch of the house where Jennifer and Kayla could see him standing in the front yard near the road. He would not communicate with them, however, and Stephen sensed that Raymond wanted to show him the trailer where he had once lived. While everyone else went back in the house, Stephen walked down the road in a light drizzling rain to the trailer where he was able to “hear” Raymond calling for his dog, Rip. He promptly asked for help from the Other Side in connecting the two of them, and as soon as his beloved spirit dog appeared, Raymond rushed to him, and they both crossed over.

Returning the house, Stephen performed a complete vibrational clearing in all of the rooms, and our work at this site was finished. Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue team members who were present at this investigation/rescue were Jennifer, Kayla and Stephen.

Since our visit in late November, Stephen has continued to offer advice to the homeowner when needed and had also recommended several guidance books which were written specifically for parents of gifted children who can see spirits. We later received this heartfelt thank you/testimonial from the family who prefer to remain anonymous:

“Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue are very special people and a huge blessing to me and my family. All three of my children were seeing spirits. When my oldest child was four years of age, she started seeing spirits in our home (my husband and I couldn’t see them.) As time went on, it got worse for her, and she became more and more terrified. She was not sleeping in her bed at night, and if she did, someone had to sleep next to her. When she woke up in the morning, spirits would be beside her or standing next to her bed, and they would try to carry on conversations with her. I began to sense that there was something in our home, and these spirits would wake me up some nights by sitting on the bed where I sleep. I could also feel them touch me at different times, which was very scary. So enough was enough, and I got in contact with Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue. Stephen and his team came to our home and connected with three spirits and helped all of them to cross over. Stephen and his team are amazing! We are very grateful, and our home is peaceful once again. This has been a life changing experience for our family!”

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