We were invited back for a follow-up investigation of the Singleton Community Center, a popular community gathering place in Bartlett, Tennessee by Paul, the general manager of the facility who was not able to be present during our first investigation on October 20, 2019.

Comprised of a two-story brick schoolhouse constructed in 1918 and two modern additions which were added in the early 1950s and early 1960s, these former Shelby County, Tennessee school buildings have a long history of paranormal activity which has been witnessed and reported by multiple employees and visitors alike. The Ellendale elementary school which was housed in the buildings for 58 years was closed in 1976, and the empty facility was later purchased by the city of Bartlett and converted into the Singleton Community Center which opened In 1983. Many of the unusual sightings which have been reported there include the apparitions and voices of children who may have attended the school or lived nearby.

Upon entering the facility, we were greeted immediately by the same crossed-over male spirit who had identified himself to us during our previous investigation as a former principal at the school. During a brief conversation, he expressed to Jennifer and Kayla the urgency of addressing a situation involving a disturbed young earthbound male spirit in the stage area of the 1950s addition. We had interacted with this spirit during our first investigation in October, but had determined that he wasn’t ready to transition at that time and would need more counseling. Paul confirmed that several people had reported being pushed by an unseen force on the stairs leading to the stage, so we made him our first priority.

This particular earthbound spirit, whom we had nicknamed “Soot Boy” after our first encounter with him in October, presented a much “cleaner” appearance now. He was still standing in the same area of the stage where we had found him previously, but instead of being covered head to foot with what had appeared to be ash or soot, only his feet looked dirty. This suggested that our counseling session with him during our first interaction in October definitely had a positive effect on his energy, but it looked like more work was still necessary.

Tuning in to his thoughts, Kayla heard the name, Jonathan Tooley, with Tooley possibly being a nickname instead of his last name. Jennifer also received information from him indicating that he had been repeatedly hurt by a close family member causing severe anger issues and depression. The darkness which seemed to have completely enveloped him the last time we worked with him seemed to have diminished considerably though, and although he was not completely free of that heavy energy, his energy felt much lighter. In its place, however, there was now a feeling of sadness and quiet despair.

At this point, we were guided to perform a complete vibrational clearing of the right side of the stage where his energy was concentrated, and near the end of the clearing, Stephen felt a crossed-over female spirit enter the space. This high-vibrational spirit, whom we all felt was his mother, immediately took the troubled young earthbound male spirit into the Light with her.

As we left the stage area, Kayla established a strong connection to the energy of a young earthbound female spirit which led us directly to a small room in the rear part of the facility which had been added in the 1960s. As we entered this compact space, Kayla and Jennifer saw a very small girl with dark hair sitting in one corner of the room opposite a piano. This polite child, who appeared to be around seven years old, gave her name as Victoria and explained that she was waiting patiently for her piano lesson.

As we continued to communicate with her, Stephen noticed that a crossed-over male spirit had suddenly entered the room. Assuming this to be the child’s father or grandfather who had come for her, we were surprised to learn that this was actually her music teacher, a tall blond male spirit with a very high vibration.

The earthbound Victoria was not able to see or hear her teacher, however, so we were guided to create a vibrational “bridge” between their unequal energies. This “bridge” consisted of an energetic stairway which resembled large black and white piano keys on which Victoria could play to increase her vibration (think of a stairway version of the Walking Piano in the Tom Hanks movie, Big). We also called on our little spirit rescue helpers, Alice and Dougie, to play with Victoria on these musical stairs in order to make her feel more comfortable. Feeling certain that she would eventually connect with her music teacher as her vibration increased and that she would cross over at that time, we decided to continue our investigation and come back to check on her before we left for the night.

Next, we entered the “principal’s office” of the 1950s addition where several employees had reported a “dark mist-like thing” moving though several of the partitioned office spaces. Here, we encountered Native American spirit energies which interacted with Stephen’s EMF meter, along with an interesting feminine air elemental energy in one of the offices.

Continuing our walk-through of the classrooms in the 1950s addition, we did not encounter any other earthbound spirits. At this point, we decided to work with the two teenage female earthbound spirits whom we had encountered in a vacant girl’s restroom during our first investigation in October.

These two female spirits were initially quite uncommunicative just as they had been during our first visit. Apparently, they valued their privacy, as most teenage girls do, and were quite annoyed whenever anyone came into their space. Both seemed to be hyper-focused on preparing for an important social event, possibly a dance. After establishing a level of trust with both of them, Kayla was able to discern their names – Emily (or Amelia) and Cassie (or Cassidy). This was a breakthrough of sorts, and they suddenly felt comfortable enough to show Kayla a large dark car which had been struck on the right side. With this important piece of information, we determined that their young lives had ended tragically in an auto accident, and they were both mired in an endless mental loop of regret and denial. We called on energetic healers to assist them in releasing that debilitating emotional energy and also called on their Loved Ones on the Other Side. We decided to give them some time to reflect on our counseling.

While Kayla, Jennifer and Paul continued a walk-through of the rest of the facility to check for any straggler spirits, Stephen conducted a complete vibration clearing of all of the spaces in the original 1918 building and the two additions. He also revisited Emily and Cassie to help them increase their vibration. After the clearing, Kayla and Jennifer reported that the rest of the facility was completely clear and a final check of the music room and the girl’s bathroom also revealed that Victoria, Emily and Cassie had all crossed over.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present during this follow-up investigation were Stephen, Kayla and Jennifer.

We later received this testimonial from Paul, the facility manager of the Singleton Community Center:

“I was very impressed with the professionalism displayed by Stephen, Jennifer, and Kayla as they educated me on their process and invited me to follow along during their follow-up investigation at Singleton. They were able to reconnect to a malevolent male spirit they discovered during their initial investigation and were able to get him to cross over. Stephen also performed a thorough vibrational clearing throughout the building and I noticed how much “lighter” the office felt afterward. I am grateful for their time and look forward to future opportunities to work with them.”

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