We were invited to investigate this one-story, contemporary rental house near Jackson, Tennessee by the mother of two young children who were being adversely affected by troublesome spirits at the site. Since moving in, her family had experienced numerous paranormal events there including electronic and mechanical toys being activated and manipulated with no one nearby, mimicking voices calling their names, levitating and thrown objects, one of the children being forcefully pushed and scratched by an unseen force, unseen persons sitting or laying on beds and extreme emotional overshadowing by spirit entities which had caused disturbing episodes of anxiety and depression for some members of the family.

Stephen had previously conducted a solo investigation of the site in early 2018 and had connected with two spirit entities there who were both related to one of the family members. The first was an earthbound male whose life had ended unexpectedly and prematurely as the result of a tragic accident. After a considerable amount of compassionate counseling, Stephen was finally able to help this distressed individual cross over. The other spirit entity in the house was a protective crossed-over female who was watching over the family’s two young children, her great nieces. Stephen’s psychic impressions and descriptions of both of these individuals were verified by family members.

Following Stephen’s initial investigation and clearing of the site, the house had remained relatively quiet for a long time. However, a recent increase in new activity had prompted the family to reach out again for help.

Upon our arrival for this second investigation, we entered the living room of the house and immediately connected with a small, earthbound male child spirit who appeared to be four or five years old. Although he was very curious, he was also extremely shy and would not interact with us. After he withdrew abruptly to the front yard, we knew that we needed to give him more time to become accustomed to us being there, so we began our walk-through of the rest of the premises.

Kayla and Jennifer were first drawn to a corner bedroom at the far end of the house. This was the one room in the house which the mother in the family did not like, prompting her to keep the door closed most of the time. Inside this room, we encountered a very unique and flamboyant personality in the form of an impulsive, agitated earthbound female spirit who presented herself to us wearing a short, tight skirt, jangling bracelets, high heels and a permed and teased hairstyle that would have been very popular in the 1980s.

From the very first, this troubled spirit made it clear to Jennifer and Kayla that she was very jealous of the mother in the family who had everything that she regretted not having had during her own lifetime – namely a family with a husband and children. This very self-centered personality freely admitted to us that this huge void in her life had been the result of the very busy lifestyle which she had chosen for herself. What she had not planned on, however, were the dire health issues which had ended her life much sooner than she had anticipated, robbing her of the opportunity to have a child of her own or adopt one.

To express her anger and regret, this frustrated spirit did whatever she could to disrupt the family’s tranquil home, including knocking on walls, throwing things, repeatedly turning on the water in the kitchen sink faucet and mimicking their voices.

Knowing that she would need a tremendous amount of compassionate counseling to help her release her pent up anger, we continued to listen attentively and patiently to her “story” until she became comfortable with us being in her space. As she gradually calmed down, her demeanor changed, and it soon became easier to read her thoughts. This was someone who had loved attention, felt very confident about herself and had developed her own distinctive style. She appeared to be 33 to 34 years old, but “saw” herself as being much younger. Although she seemed to be somewhat confused, she did remember having spent a lot of time in this rental house and considered this corner bedroom to be her own personal space. She also showed Jennifer images of an IV drip and what appeared to a doctor’s report with bloodwork results, suggesting that her last days had ended in a hospital.

As she revealed more and more about herself, Stephen noticed that a crossed-over male spirit had entered the space. Focusing on his energy, we were able to discern that he was not a relative, but someone she had known or possibly dated. Accordingly, we shifted our efforts towards helping the two of them connect vibrationally so that she would become more aware of his presence and possibly choose to leave with him.

As we talked with her about the emotional and spiritual healing available to her if she decided to cross over, the little earthbound male child spirit suddenly reappeared, and we quickly followed him into the adjacent room giving her time to reflect on our discussions.

Once inside this second bedroom, Stephen strongly picked up the name, Russell, as being connected to this child spirit, and Kayla was able to confirm that Russell was the child spirit’s older crossed-over brother, someone who had driven a red truck during his lifetime. Kayla also clearly “heard” the child spirit’s name at this time – Charlie.

As we talked with Charlie and gently explained to him that his family had been looking for him and missing him for a long time, Stephen noticed that a crossed-over female spirit had entered the space. Feeling that this was Charlie’s mother who had come to take him into the Light, we asked for helpers from the Other Side to facilitate a vibrational connection between the two of them. As soon as this energetic “bridge” was established between them, Charlie did not hesitate to transition into the Light with her.

After Charlie’s crossing, Jennifer revealed to Stephen and Kayla a wealth of details about an earthbound male spirit with whom she had connected before we had ever arrived at the site. During our long interactions with the frustrated female spirit and curious child spirit, this male spirit had continued to show Jennifer many specific details about himself and his life, specifically that he was tall, in his early 30s, had chiseled cheeks, was in the military, wore creased tan pants, had a “D” name (Dave or David), had been on a large ship, was involved in ground ops, had experienced severe chest pains and had a brother named Jason.

When we questioned the renters to ask if either of them had known someone like this, the father in the family verified that Jennifer’s descriptions matched a close friend of his whose name began with a “D” (name withheld for privacy purposes). They had served together in the military during a tour of duty in Iraq, and his friend had passed away from a critical chest injury after being shot by a sniper. We all felt that this previously earthbound male had chosen to cross over when Charlie had transitioned into the Light because he popped in briefly during our conversation with the renters, but his vibration was much higher.

So why did this individual initially choose to connect with Jennifer and not with Stephen or Kayla? In our experience, spirits are sometimes very selective about who they will reveal themselves to or whom they choose to connect with. Why so selective? We have theorized that it might be due to vibrational compatibility or a personal attraction. We’re still exploring other possibilities and explanations.

At this point, we decided to check on the frustrated earthbound female spirit in the back corner bedroom to see if she was ready to transition. Stephen was finally able to “hear” her name, Jill, and we continued to work with Jill to help connect her with the crossed-over male spirit who had come for her. We also discerned that this person was someone who had cared for her a great deal during her lifetime.

We finally experienced a breakthrough with Jill after she revealed a passion for dancing and the disco music that was so popular in the 80s era in which she had lived. Striking his rose quartz crystal and tuning fork repeatedly, Stephen was able to direct her to her focus her energy on those powerful memories. Together, we all concentrated on sending her positive energy to help her release the heavy energy that had kept her bound to the earth plane for so long until she was finally able to connect with the male crossed-over spirit who had come for her. We were all grateful when this troubled spirit finally chose to transition and leave with her friend. Stephen continued to perform a vibrational clearing throughout the entire house, and a final walk-through by the renters verified that all earthbound spirits there had been helped to leave.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present during this follow-up investigation were Jennifer, Kayla and Stephen.

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