We had an opportunity to investigate this former farmhouse built in the early 1940s after Stephen’s friends, J and T, mentioned paranormal activity which they had both witnessed there including heavy footsteps on the stairway and an unseen force rattling the doorknob of their upstairs bedroom (for privacy purposes, J and T are being used in place of their names).

J had also experienced additional visual and auditory phenomena in different areas of the house including a blinding flash of light which she saw one night in the enclosed sunroom (the original back porch) and a distinct, loud male voice which had called her name from downstairs one day when she was alone. This event had occurred shortly after her brother had passed away while she was rearranging his clothing in his former upstairs bedroom closet. The next day when she went to visit her mother, she also clearly heard her brother’s voice from the car seat next to her saying, “J, this ain’t so bad!”

J had grown up in the house after her father moved her family there in 1955 when she was four years old. During her childhood, her father had added additional rooms downstairs and upstairs to the original house which was situated on 69 acres in a rural area near Rosemark, Tennessee.

Upon our arrival, we immediately encountered an earthbound male spirit and a crossed-over female spirit in the downstairs den. The male spirit was curious, but also cautious, and he would not come close or communicate. As we began our walkthrough, it became apparent that his energy was more prominent in the utility/laundry room at the far end of the house, and Kayla and Jennifer briefly connected with him there. However, he was not willing or able to provide much information at this point, so we continued our walkthrough.

In the enclosed sunroom where J had previously witnessed the extremely bright light, Stephen picked up on a crossed-over male spirit whose energy felt fatherly or grandfatherly. J and T verified that this area was formerly the back porch of the house where J’s father had spent a untold hours repairing household items. His shop had also been located nearby in the back yard. J felt that this crossed-over male energy was the spirit of her father.

As we walked back through the utility/laundry room, Jennifer established a stronger connection with the elusive earthbound male spirit whose energy was strongest in this area. She revealed that his energy made her feel very dizzy and that he kept showing her an image of a large black pot. She had a strong impression that his death had resulted from gas poisoning, and several days had passed before anyone had found him deceased. Kayla also connected with this confused spirit and clairaudiently heard the name, Bobby Hemlett. J theorized that this was someone who had lived in the house or nearby on the land prior to her family moving there.

Continuing our walkthrough, we entered the dining room where Jennifer touched a large, wooden sideboard buffet and immediately saw a clairvoyant image of a family reunion where 10 to 15 people were encircling a table headed by an older female who was wearing a red shirt. J was not able to provide any information about the previous owners of the furniture as it had been purchased at an antique store.

In this same room, Kayla connected with a crossed-over female spirit who liked to stay in that part of the house. This friendly lady specifically requested that she wanted someone to polish a tarnished silver butter dish which was sitting on top of the sideboard. She also told Kayla that she liked to visit another room in the house which J and T had dedicated to meditation. Jennifer and Stephen also strongly felt this spirit’s energy which they both described as as being warm, welcoming and grandmotherly. J believed that we had connected with her mother’s energy, as those two areas of the house had been very special to her mother.

Continuing our walkthrough, we entered the kitchen where Kayla identified an area of concentrated residual energy which she felt was connected to a particular man who had spent a lot of time there. This was verified by J and T as being the exact spot where J’s father had worked at his desk during all of the years he had lived in the house before the kitchen was enlarged.

At this point, our walkthrough of the house was complete, and we returned to the utility/laundry room to assist the confused male spirit there in crossing over. After he was finally able to release. Stephen performed a complete vibrational clearing of entire the house and the land.

Before we left, Jennifer mentioned that she had clairaudiently heard a particular word, Berclair, repeatedly while we were driving to the house, and Stephen also reported that he had clairvaudiently heard a particular name, Paul, earlier while walking through the house. At the time, J and T were not able to make a connection between the two words, but later, T emailed us to verify that Paul was a close friend of his who had lived in the Berclair area of Memphis and had played drums in a band with T.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present during this investigation were Stephen, Kayla and Jennifer.

We received this testimonial from J and T after our visit:

“It’s hard to put into words the feeling of “LIGHTNESS” in our home since you cleared it with the crystal and tuning fork. l no longer have the feeling that l’m being watched, and it’s nice to know that our visitors are friendly. Paul was a real surprise because T did a lot to help him out when he played in his band. lt was wonderful, and somehow comforting, to connect with my brother’s and my mother’s energy. l only have to polish the butter dish because her other silverware in the drawer below is not tarnished. Just need to figure out who Bobby is – maybe the gas leak victim who has now moved on. l cannot thank you enough. Keep up the good work!”

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