We were asked to investigate this quaint, pre-WWII-era house near Audubon Park in Memphis, Tennessee by Stephen’s friend, Shirley. Since moving there 12 years ago, Shirley’s friend, Melissa, and her two grown children have experienced many paranormal events in the house including apparition sightings, moved and thrown objects, and phantom footsteps. Kayla and Jennifer were not able to participate in this investigation, so Stephen invited Shirley, a gifted sensitive, to be present as a guest investigator.

Just before arriving at the house, Stephen connected with an earthbound male spirit whose energy seemed to be in a state of heightened excitement. This spirit was accompanied by an earthbound female spirit whose energy was much more subdued. Stephen’s immediate impression was that this was an older couple who had lived in the house and had remained earthbound there for some reason. He also noticed that the male’s energy was the more dominant of the two.

After Shirley arrived, Stephen explained the investigation process to Melissa and her adult son and then interviewed them briefly without asking for specific details. After Melissa’s son mentioned that spirits had manipulated electronics in the house several times, Stephen offered him the opportunity to carry an EMF meter during the entire investigation, and he readily accepted in case any spirits chose to interact with it.

During the interview, Shirley felt drawn to a small laundry/storage room adjacent to the kitchen and near the back door where the dominant male spirit’s energy appeared to be strongest. When asked for his opinion, Stephen confirmed Shirley’s impressions and added that he felt a tremendous heaviness and sadness connected to this spirit’s energy. We both felt a very strong energetic pull towards the back porch and an old one-car garage in the back yard, leading us to believe that the earthbound male sprit had spent a lot of time in those particular areas during his lifetime.

Melissa’s son, who is also a gifted sensitive, verified that he, too, had experienced the same heavy energetic vibration in the laundry/storage room and had also felt a masculine presence in different areas of the back yard including the back porch, garage, potting shed and a former garden spot.

Melissa then described a recurring paranormal event which she had observed multiple times in her laundry/storage room. Whenever she tried to neatly organize the dozens of items stored on the shelves there, she would return later to find that everything had been moved around and left in a state of complete disarray. It was agreed by everyone that the upset male spirit had done this to make his presence known to the family.

At this point in the investigation, Stephen clairaudiently heard two names, Aaron and Karen, which he felt could be connected to one of the spirits in the house.

After checking the remainder of the kitchen, we continued our walk-through of the house and were drawn next to Melissa’s bedroom. There, Shirley connected with a young earthbound female spirit who gave her name as Erin, which meant that she was the owner of the name which Stephen had heard earlier, and the correct spelling of her name was Erin, not Aaron. This very shy spirit also indicated to Shirley that she stayed in this part of the house because she felt safe there where the vibration was much lighter.

Noticing a beautiful wood and wrought iron architectural piece hanging on the wall, Stephen asked for permission to touch it, and immediately recognized that the earthbound female spirit had come with this object when Melissa acquired it from an old building in downtown Memphis near Court Square and brought it into her home. He also began to feel an intense aching pain on the right side of his head while touching the object.

By focusing more intently on her energy, we were able to discern that Erin had sustained an unexpected fatal injury to the right side of her head at the hands of a spurned suitor. Shirley then described her appearance in detail, and Stephen confirmed that he was clairvoyantly seeing the same image in his mind’s eye – beautiful, very petite and delicate, late teens or early twenties, long brown hair, wearing a long dress, from the post-Civil War era.

Melissa’s son validated our impressions by revealing that he had previously seen the apparition of an older girl with long brown hair in this bedroom who had appeared to him wearing a long, old-fashioned style dress. Melissa, who is an artist, provided further validation when she showed us a painting which she had been inspired to create in 2018. This visionary work portrays a young woman with long brown hair who is standing on a bridge over a deep, back-lit chasm. The female subject of the painting is wearing a long, salmon-colored dress in a style dating from an earlier time period.

Looking down, Stephen noticed three pennies laying on the bedroom rug. Melissa confirmed that she often finds coins, mostly quarters, in usual places around the house and showed us a large bag filled with coins which she had picked up in different rooms. She also explained that she had vacuumed her bedroom floor just before our visit and confirmed that there were no pennies on the rug at that time. Stephen advised her to continue to save any coins which she might find in the future and to put all of them in a special container. These unique gifts from Spirit, known as apports, are typically left by crossed-over Loved Ones to let their family members know that they are always nearby watching over them.

At this time, Stephen became aware that a crossed-over male spirit with the energy signature of a father or grandfather had entered the room. Knowing that this family member would be someone whom Erin would recognize, Stephen began to counsel her and asked everyone to project positive energy to her in an effort to help her raise her vibration to the point that she would become aware of this male spirit’s presence. Soon, her vibration began to raise dramatically, and she was easily able to release and transition accompanied by her crossed-over grandfather. After Erin’s crossing, Melissa was reminded about another one of her paintings which depicts the face of a young woman with long brown hair which overlaps a tunnel of light with a bridge leading into it. This was amazing to see considering what we had just witnessed!

While we were discussing her prophetic painting, Melissa mentioned several other significant paranormal events which had occurred in the house. These included an incident in which a metal ceiling fan blade had spontaneously snapped off while the fan was not moving and another incident when three bottles of essential oil had “flown” across her art room after a cabinet door suddenly opened on its own. We all felt that this physical phenomena had been the work of the upset earthbound male spirit who mostly stayed in the other end of the house. We also agreed that a “G” name, either George or Gregory (possibly George Gregory or Gregory George), was connected to this particular spirit, and we decided at this point to address him as Mr. George.

The next room which we checked was the front bedroom which had been previously occupied by Melissa’s adult daughter. This room did not harbor any spirits, but definitely contained a strange, “jumbled” energy which Stephen determined would need to be cleared later.

After finishing our walk-through in the living room and entrance of the house, we determined that both of these areas were also spirit-free.

To complete our investigation, we decided to take a quick tour of the garage and back yard. The energy of an earthbound male, whom we believed to be Mr. George, was faintly perceptible in these areas, but his energy was definitely prominent at the rear of the house. As we approached the back steps, Stephen clairvoyantly saw a vivid image of this old gentleman sitting on them smoking cigarettes. When told this, Melissa confirmed that one of her dogs constantly sits in one spot on the back steps as if sitting next to someone.

As we were discussing our impressions of Mr. George, Stephen noticed that an earthbound female spirit had stepped forward asking for help, and he clearly heard the name, Celeste. This sweet, old lady indicated that she was Mr. George’s wife and had been patiently waiting for her husband to cross over so they could leave together. Stephen also sensed a tremendous feeling of sadness and regret connected to this couple concerning the loss of a child who had been three or four years old at the time of her passing.

Melissa and her son both agreed that they had felt the energy of each of these earthbound spirits at various times and intuitively knew that the old couple had lost a young daughter. Melissa also mentioned once having seen a distinct child’s handprint pressed into a blanket laying on the living room couch when there were no children present. She also reported that she had come home several times to find her front door wide open and had been startled to see the apparition of an older gentlemen standing inside the entrance of the house looking out toward the street.

Having completed our investigation of every room in the house and also the land, we asked Melissa and her son to share with us specific details of any other significant paranormal events which they had witnessed during their 12 years of living there.

Melissa’s son began by relating a chilling encounter which he, his sister and several of their teenage friends had witnessed one night years ago while they were all in the front bedroom. Hearing the unmistakable creaking sound of the closet door in the hallway slowly being opened, they all rushed out to see two small child-size hands curled around the edge of the door. Both hands instantly vanished when his sister cried out in surprise.

Melissa then told us how she had been pushed repeatedly in the living room and how her dogs had fallen down many times after their back legs had been kicked out from under them by an unseen force. Apparently, Mr. George did not like having dogs inside “his” house!

At this point, Stephen reviewed everyone’s intuitive impressions regarding the earthbound couple and their child, and we all agreed that the child’s name was either Celeste (heard by Stephen) or Sarah (heard by Melissa), while the wife’s name was definitely Mary (heard by several of us). The energy of the female child spirit was also perceptible to everyone, but she seemed to be either very shy or too busy running around and playing to step forward. To be certain that she had crossed over, Stephen called on his special spirit rescue helper, Alice, to connect with her and assist her in transitioning, if needed.

The night before the investigation, Stephen had sent a photo of the house to Jennifer and Kayla asking them to read the energy remotely if they had time and then text their impressions to him. Jennifer responded later that night, but Stephen decided not to look at her text until after the investigation was completed so that he would not be influenced by it prior to the investigation.

Stephen then read Jennifer’s text message aloud for the first time to everyone. Her message revealed that she had connected with a tall, fatherly, crossed-over male spirit who constantly stands on the right side of the front door as a protector energy for a child. He showed himself to Jennifer dressed in a reddish-colored shirt with blue jeans, and she clearly heard the name, Sam. She also picked up on an Italian heritage. This spirit then showed her a traffic accident involving several vehicles and made reference to a situation that needs to stop, while also saying that once it stops, “Everything will fall into place.”

Melissa immediately confirmed that the apparition which she had seen several times at the front entrance of the house had always appeared in a red plaid shirt and blue jeans. Both she and her son also stated that they felt that the couple’s child had been accidentally run over in the street in front of their house. Stephen suggested that the crossed-over male spirit in the red plaid shirt was the child’s grandfather who was serving as a guardian and watching over her until she transitioned. Melissa’s son confirmed that he had sensed the presence of a second benevolent male spirit in the front part of the house in addition to the energy of the distressed male spirit (Mr. George) who stayed mostly in the rear of the house.

Stephen decided that it would be helpful to proceed with a complete vibrational clearing of the house and land at this time and explained that stubborn earthbound spirits like Mr. George will sometimes choose to transition during a clearing when the vibration in their preferred space is being raised. Using his rose quartz crystal and tuning fork, he cleared each room in the house beginning with the front bedroom while saving the laundry/storage room for last.

Interestingly, the EMF meter which Melissa’s son had been holding during the investigation registered several audible “hits” as Stephen was clearing the area at the rear of the house where Mr. George’s energy was the strongest. Shirley, Melissa and her son also commented that they had clairvoyantly seen numerous dark energetic forms being “swept out” of the house at various times during the clearing process.

Afterwards, Stephen asked everyone to accompany him through each room to verify that all heavy energy in the house had been transmuted and removed. Everyone agreed that the energy in every room now felt neutral or lighter with the exception of the laundry/storage room, so we knew that we had more work to do before Mr. George’s energy would be able to release.

Stephen was guided to call on Celeste, the young daughter who was now crossed-over, and she immediately stepped forward. We explained to Mr. George that he could have a better life with Celeste in the afterlife where he could watch her grow up. This prospect definitely excited him because his vibration began to rise considerably. Stephen also explained that he could create a beautiful new garden and brand new potting shed there that would be better than anything he could have imagined or built during his lifetime.

Each of us continued to project positive energy to him until we were finally able to establish an energetic bridge between his lower vibration and his child’s much higher vibration. During a perfect moment of awareness and connection, he immediately crossed over with Celeste and his wife, Mary, who had been patiently waiting for him to release the heavy energies of regret and sorrow that had kept him bound to the earth plane for so long.

After the clearings and crossings, Melissa and her son both commented on how much lighter the energy in the house felt and how much lighter their personal energy felt, too.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present during this investigation were Stephen.

Shortly after our visit, we received this note from Melissa:

“I have lived alongside three consistently present spirits and numerous spirit ‘visitors’ since moving into my home 12 years ago. My grown children and I have experienced many intense and subtle encounters and incidents involving them over the years.

Stephen and Shirley, a mutual friend of ours, offered their time, energy and expertise on dealing with our situation. As soon as Stephen walked in the door, he immediately began to describe in detail the energies, emotions, behaviors and connections we have experienced from the three main spirits. He then educated us on what these spirits were going through and how to help them find peace as they crossed over. Stephen was very calm, pleasant and interactive while he guided us, as well as all of the spirits, through the crossing experience.

He then did a final vibrational clearing throughout the house and also on my personal energy field and my son’s personal energy field. Afterwards, there was definitely a vibrational shift in the house and in our own energy – even our normally sedentary dog has been a ‘Mr. Dancy Pants’ ever since.

I’m very grateful for the time, energy and peaceful renewal that Stephen and Shirley have given to me, my son and especially my home!”

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