Interview with THE GHOST HOST Sophia Temperilli, a respected global paranormal broadcaster who has interviewed many of the top names in the paranormal field (see list below).

Our interview begins at the 09:40 mark in the recording.

Our interview:
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Well-known guests on THE GHOST HOST Sophia Temperilli weekly show include:

Travel Channel’s ‘The Holzer Files’ Dave Schrader / Shane Pittman

Travel Channel’s ‘Ghost Nation’ Steve Gonsalves

Travel Channel’s ‘Destination Fear’ cast Dakota Laden / Chelsea Laden / Tanner Wiseman

Travel Channel’s ‘Portals to Hell: With Jack Osbourne’ host investigator Katrina Weidman

‘Ghost Adventures’ / ‘Ghost Stalkers’ / ‘Paranormal Lockdown’ / ‘Ghosts of Shepherdstown’ executive producer Nick Groff, Katrina Weidman, Elizabeth Saint

‘Dead Files’ psychic paranormal researcher Amy Allan

‘Ghost Hunters’ / ‘Ghost Hunters International’ lead and key investigators Grant Wilson, Steve Gonsalves, Barry Fitzgerald, Dustin Pari, Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, Jeff and Shannon Sylvia

Author, daughter of legendary parapsychologist Dr. Hans Holzer and Travel Channel’s ‘Paranormal Challenge’ guest judge Alexandra Holzer

Travel Channel’s ‘Dead Files’ key psychic investigator Amy Allan

Travel Channel’s ‘Kindred Spirits’ host investigators Amy Bruni / Adam Berry

Tennessee Wraith Chasers Scott Porter / Steven ‘Doogie’ McDougal of Travel Channel’s ‘Haunted LIVE’

Destination America’s ‘Ghost Asylum’ / ‘Haunted Towns’, renowned televised psychic Lisa Williams

SyFy Channel documentary filmmakers ‘The Booth Brothers’

SyFy Channel’s ‘Paranormal Files: Fact or Faked’ key investigators Bill Murphy / Ben Hansen

Travel Channel’s ‘Ghost Adventures’ EVP Specialist Debby Angelina

Bio Channel’s ‘My Ghost Story’ producer C.R. Sanders

Dr. Phil and Ricki Lake show studio psychic and cold case investigator Jennifer Shaffer

Travel Channel’s ‘Legend Hunter’ adventurer host Pat Spain

Author / CEO and Travel Channel’s ‘Ghost Adventures’ producer Jeff Belanger

Televised parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach

Author / historian / paranormal investigator Richard Senate

Legendary Louisville Ghost Hunters Society founder and paranormal investigator featured host in SyFy Channel’s ‘Booth Brother’s documentaries’ Keith Age

Travel Channel’s ‘Strange World’ series host / investigator Christopher Garetano

A&E’s ‘Psychic Tia’ host / talent Tia Belle

‘Radtastic’ radio host Amy Goodwin

Randy and Hart of Syfy Channel’s ‘Deep South Paranormal’

Destination America’s ‘Ghost Brothers’ host investigators Juwan Mass / Dalen Spratt

‘Haunted Nevada’ historian Janice Oberding

‘The Munsters’ Butch Patrick

E! / Travel / Bio Channel’s Bridget Marquardt

Feature film actor / ‘Ghost Stalkers’ series paranormal investigator Chad Lindberg

‘Last Comic Standing’ and ‘Ghost Hopping’ paranormal series producer Comedian Marcus

‘Queen of YouTube’ and documented paranormal investigator – GloZell Green

MUN2’s televised psychic A.J. Barrera and show paranormal investigator Ramiro Ramirez

Feature film actress and founder of ShriekFest Horror / Sci-Fi Film and Screenplay awards Denise Gossett

MADtv’s Debra Wilson Skelton

Televised demonologist Dave Considine

Haunted Wolfe Manor owner Todd Wolfe

Wolfe Manor LIVE host / The Paranormal STU host and Travel Channel’s ‘Paranormal Paparazzi’ co-host Scott Gruenwald

Author and scientific investigator David M. RounTree

Televised psychic investigators Michael and Marti Parry

Plus numerous featured paranormal investigative teams, authors, parapsychologists, renowned psychics and many more each week