We were contacted by the homeowner after a frightening event had occurred in her home. She had purchased this quaint, post-WWII-era house in East Memphis in 2016, but had not experienced any disturbances during the first three years of living there. However, beginning in the fall of 2019, she had witnessed a period of disturbing and escalating paranormal activity which had culminated in a significant, unexplainable event in mid-May, prompting her to ask for our help.

Upon our arrival, we joined the homeowner in a small living room in the front part of the house where Stephen explained our procedures to her while Kayla focused on connecting with any spirit energies at the site. Kayla immediately connected with an earthbound spirit in the house named Daisy who told her that there was also a young male spirit in the house who came and went and was only present during nighttime hours after the streetlights came on outside. Daisy presented herself to Kayla as a 35-year-old woman with blond hair and hazel eyes. She also indicated that she missed her mother’s garden and loved to walk in the homeowner’s front yard and back yard which are beautifully landscaped with flowers and plants, as well as many folksy embellishments.

As we began our walkthrough, Daisy led Kayla, Stephen and the homeowner into the kitchen where she showed Kayla an image of herself ironing her husband’s clothes and revealed that she had lived in the house in 1960. Since she seemed to be occupied with her ironing and too ‘busy’ to talk at that moment, we decided to come back to her later and continued our walkthrough of the house.

Ascending a flight of very steep stairs, we entered two small rooms which had been a former attic space. In the first room, Kayla noticed a distinct area of concentrated residual energy. On further investigation, we determined that there were no spirits in either of the upstairs rooms at that time, so we carefully descended back down the steep stairs to the ground floor.

From there, we entered the homeowner’s bedroom where Stephen sensed a high-vibrational energy which felt protective of the homeowner, and Kayla confirmed his impressions. We continued our walkthrough by checking the bathroom and a spare bedroom in the back of the house. This space felt very neutral to both Stephen and Kayla, and the homeowner confirmed that she also had noticed that the room had felt like “dead space” since the day she had moved in.

Having completed our initial walkthrough of the house, everyone returned to the dining room where Stephen revealed that he had connected with two spirits during his phone conversation with the homeowner several days prior to our visit. One was a male spirit whose energy felt like that of a grandfather or great-grandfather. Stephen had picked up on the name Roy or Ray for this crossed-over spirit whom Stephen felt was connected to the homeowner. The homeowner confirmed that there is a Ray on her father’s side of the family.

The other spirit whom Stephen had felt during their phone conversation was an earthbound feminine energy whom he felt was either a teenager around the age of 14 or a young adult around the age of 24 (the number “4” seemed to be prominently connected with this female spirit). He had picked up on a C or K name, possibly Carla, Carly, Kara or Karen.  The homeowner was not able to recognize this description, so Stephen advised her to write down the information and refer to it later if it jogged anything in her memory.

We then asked the homeowner if our impressions matched her experiences in the house. She confirmed that she had heard a large crash recently in her kitchen in the middle of the night where we had encountered the spirit energy of Daisy earlier. When she cautiously went to investigate the source of the noise, she found that a large, heavy jar had been moved from where it normally sits on one end of the counter, around multiple objects on the counter, to the other end of the counter where it had been pushed into the sink. This was the incident which had frightened her to the point of contacting us for help.

She also reported that her name had been called by a voice which sounded exactly like her husband’s voice, but the incident had occurred when her husband was away from the house with a friend. We suspected that this was the work of a mimic spirit, possibly the young boy in the house, who was trying to scare her or amuse himself by calling to her in a voice which mimicked her husband’s voice.

At this point, she also revealed that one of her neighbors had informed her that a tragedy had occurred in the house years ago. We asked the homeowner to notify us if the name, Daisy, was connected with that tragedy.

The homeowner’s house was also filled with many antique pieces of furniture and knickknacks which she had acquired at various, antique shops, auctions and yard sales. Since she was clearly opening up to her personal physic gifts, we also advised her about ways to set boundaries concerning spirits who become attracted to her at those types of places, and we also recommended several books to her about psychic development.

After a long, post-walkthrough consultation with the homeowner, Stephen was guided to perform a complete vibrational clearing of the space upstairs and downstairs during which he also asked for a portal in the attic space to be closed. After the clearing, we invited the homeowner to walk through the house with us a final time, and she happily reported that the atmosphere in her house now felt much lighter and very peaceful.

We then returned to the kitchen to determine if Daisy had released during the clearing, but we found that she was still mentally absorbed in her previous domestic routine, although she had stopped ironing clothes and was now busy baking muffins. Her vibration had already elevated considerably during Stephen’s clearing work, so it was much easier now to connect with her and hold her attention. We explained to her that her loved ones on the other side were waiting to see her, and when we directed her attention to those crossed-over spirit energies, she was able to see them and hear them calling for her. At that point, she released and transitioned to join them in a higher vibrational spiritual family reunion.

We then returned upstairs to work with the young earthbound male spirit who had arrived but would not give his name. Kayla tried to direct his attention to his mother who had already crossed over and was nearby, but he did not seem to be interested in speaking with us for some reason. At that point, we called on our little spirit rescue helper, Alice, who took his hand and directed him to his mother who had always been nearby watching over him. At that point, he released, and the house was completely clear. Before we left, we advised the homeowner to keep the vibration high and positive in her home by playing uplifting music and bringing fresh flowers from her into the house.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who were present during this investigation were Stephen and Kayla.

Shortly after our visit, we received this note from Jessica, the homeowner:

“I reached out to Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue after experiencing a few unsettling events in our home and after learning that our home was the site of a tragedy in its earlier days. Stephen and Kayla were very professional and were able to connect with two spirits who were residing in our home. Stephen and Kayla gave me so much great information on the spirit world and even included tips on how to live in a home where spirits are present. Stephen performed a cleansing throughout the house, and I immediately felt like a heaviness had been lifted. Our home now feels more peaceful! Thank you MGI&SR for the knowledge and comfort you have given me!”

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