We received a request to investigate this 65-year-old-plus house after another paranormal investigation team had suddenly left without explanation during a recent investigation. Stephen had previously investigated this house in 2013 and had cleared it at that time. The activity had stopped completely for many years until several significant events had disturbed the peaceful vibration in the house.

Kayla or Jennifer were not able to accompany Stephen to the investigation, so he asked Kayla to work remotely with him beginning at 7 PM.

Upon entering the residence, Stephen immediately connected with two spirit energies – a dominant masculine energy which felt like that of an older gentleman and a young, child-like feminine energy. The name which Stephen ‘heard’ as he connected with the male energy was an ‘E’ name – either Edgar or Edwin. The female energy seemed shy or apprehensive and would not come close, so Stephen was not able to get her name at this point.

During a brief interview with the homeowner in her living room, she reported being scratched, finding bruises on her arms and legs, hearing knocking noises, hearing a male voice which mimicked her boyfriend’s voice, having things moved around, seeing streaking orbs of light, seeing quickly moving shadow figures and seeing the full bodied apparitions of an 1890s male and female couple surrounded by a gold/blue light. She also stated that many of the houses in her neighborhood had been built with lumber salvaged from an old railroad hotel which had stood nearby, but had been torn down in the 1950s. She also mentioned that her neighbors had experienced paranormal activity in other houses on her street.

The homeowner also revealed that she had experienced many paranormal events during her childhood and had used a Ouija board while living in a different state when she was in her early ’20s. She was very concerned that this new activity was somehow connected with her experiences using a talking board. When questioned, she stated that she often finds pennies in different areas of her house which indicated to Stephen that some of her crossed-over loved ones were leaving signs that they were watching over her.

After a thirty-minute consultation with the homeowner, Stephen began his walk-through of the house. Up to this point, the main spirit energy with whom he had connected was that of the dominant male earthbound spirit (Edgar or Edwin). In the homeowner’s bedroom, Stephen asked again if she finds coins or feathers in that particular room, and she confirmed that she often finds pennies on the floor and in her bed.

Forty-five minutes into the investigation, Stephen connected with an earthbound female child spirit in a back bedroom. This was the same feminine energy which he had sensed when he first arrived. He determined that this was the area of the house where this child spirit mainly stayed because she felt safe there, and he also ‘heard’ a very uncommon name connected to her – Filomena.

At this point Stephen had completed his initial walk-through and decided to check his phone to see if Kayla had texted any information to him after tuning in remotely.

Kayla’s texts showed that immediately after Stephen’s arrival, she had picked up on a five-year-old girl with brown hair in braided pigtails from the 1930s era. Her description corresponded exactly with Stephen’s impressions of the earthbound female child spirit which he had encountered in the back bedroom. Since Stephen had also connected with a male energy, he posed the question to Kayla, “Anyone else?”

She then texted that she was also picking up on an older gentleman in his late 60s with white hair around the crown of his head, but balding in the middle. This spirit presented himself to her wearing a green flannel shirt, and her feeling was that he was likely a hunter or sportsman. Stephen confirmed this information and shared the names which felt were connected to this particular spirit. Kayla replied that the name, Edgar, sounded correct.

At one hour and twenty minutes into the investigation, Stephen was guided to conduct a complete vibrational clearing of the house with the express intention that the vibration of all earthbound spirits in the house be increased during the clearing to help them achieve clarity and peace leading to their release and transition.

Before he began the clearing, however, the homeowner opened a china cabinet in her dining room and returned with a very usual wooden carved box which she called a ‘binding box’. She told Stephen that she had ordered it from an online occult site in 2015 to use for storing her Tarot cards. When Stephen touched the box, he felt the energy of the earthbound male spirit suddenly increase which led him to believe that the spirit energy of Edgar had been attached to the box and had entered the house when it was delivered to the homeowner.

Beginning with the dining room, Stephen then went from room to room clearing each room in the house and finished in the back bedroom where Filomena’s energy was strongest. After the clearing, he counseled this lost child spirit and called on his spirit rescue helper, Alice, to lead Filomena to her crossed-over loved ones who had been patiently waiting for her. She soon released and transitioned with a crossed-over family member. Stephen then performed an intense, focused clearing on the binding box and asked that any spirits connected to the box be raised into a higher vibrational frequency so that they could release and transition.

Stephen then asked the homeowner to accompany him throughout the entire house, and she verified that her house now felt completely clear and ‘lighter’ with a calm, peaceful feeling. He also spent a considerable amount of time advising her on methods to keep her house clear in the future and how to keep the vibration high, as well as ways to feel empowered in her personal space by calling on particular high vibrational energies whenever she might feel threatened or afraid. Stephen determined that the female child spirit, Filomena, had definitely crossed over while the older male spirit, Edgar, was still “on the fence”, but had all of the information needed to transition when he was ready.

After the investigation, Stephen sat in his car for a few minutes and searched for information on the Internet concerning the unfamiliar name that he had ‘heard’, Filomena. He discovered that Filomena is Italian in origin and means ‘beloved.’ It was a popular girl’s name which reached its peak of popularity in the 1910s which corresponds closely with the 1930s time period which Kayla had discerned for the female child spirit. He shared his impressions with Kayla, and she agreed that there was a very unusual name connected to this particular spirit.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who participated in this paranormal investigation were Stephen (on-site) and Kayla (remotely).

Shortly after Stephen’s visit, we received this note from the homeowner:

“I feel so blessed with inner peace, and I can now breathe. I am so thankful, and everything is lighter. Thank you!”

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