This is definitely one of the strangest cases we have had in very long time due to the bizarre phenomena and extreme situations which the homeowner claimed to have experienced after moving into this typical subdivision house built in Horn Lake, Mississippi in 1970. Read on, and you will understand why!

Immediately upon his arrival at the house, Stephen connected with the energy of a dominant earthbound male spirit and a crossed-over female spirit whose energy felt like that of a grandmother.

During a brief interview with the homeowner and her sister who also lived in the house, the homeowner revealed that she had experienced paranormal activity in an apartment where she had lived prior to moving into this house. These experiences included seeing random letters and numbers being typed on a computer keyboard by an unseen force and hearing the sound of footsteps upstairs when no one was living above her.

Soon after moving into this house 10 years ago, she began to experience many more unexplained paranormal events. These included hearing knocking sounds and disembodied voices at various times, keys and other objects being moved around, two separate occasions when she felt like she was being choked and also seeing colored flashes of light in different areas of the house followed by a loud knock on the wall. She had contacted a paranormal investigation group from Mississippi at that time, but they were not able to provide her with any useful information regarding the source of the activity.

Fifteen minutes into the investigation, Stephen began his initial walk-through of the house and discovered that the energy of the crossed-over female spirit was more concentrated in two areas – the homeowner’s bedroom and her sister’s bedroom. This indicated to him that this was a protector type energy and was most likely the spirit energy of either their mother or a grandmother.

The homeowner then reported that within a month prior to Stephen’s visit, a long period of disturbing and escalating paranormal activity began after a family member saw what appeared to be a male ‘intruder’ enter the house though the garage door early one morning and vanish after running into a bathroom. These terrifying events included both of them witnessing a glass vase being hurled against a wall and shattering; seeing a bottle of lotion and a hairbrush thrown twice down a hallway by an unseen force; hearing deafeningly loud whistling sounds on numerous occasions; objects being moved repeatedly; lights turning on and off by themselves; waking up several times with every outside door house being unlocked; and the finale which had prompted them to contact us – hearing what the homeowner described as ‘very scary clown music from a horror movie’ being played at maximum volume on every television set in the house at the same time! The homeowner and her family members left the house that particular day and only reluctantly returned later that evening.

Several days before the homeowner contacted us, the homeowner’s sister reported that she had noticed that an unusual name – Gello – had been written backwards in lipstick on a mirror in the hallway bathroom when there was no one else in the house except her. That same night, she and the homeowner described how the lights in the house turned off and on by themselves repeatedly and their doorbell rang almost constantly when no one was outside to push it. More disturbing, the screen on her flat screen TV turned completely black at different times and switched to a search screen where several mysterious text messages were spontaneously typed by an unseen force.

The first message which she described included these words – If you go get (grandchild’s name), I’ll stop.

A second typed message referenced a specific word, angina, and kept repeating this instruction – Look it up now, T.

She then reported that the unseen force which had typed the messages would not release control of her TV screen until she had looked up the meaning of angina (a condition marked by severe pain in the chest, often also spreading to the shoulders, arms, and neck, caused by an inadequate blood supply to the heart).

After reading the meaning of this word, she described another typed message which appeared on the TV screen that stated – I’m going to go ahead and heal her.

The homeowner’s sister who was present during the investigation also reported that a mysterious text message had appeared on her phone at this time which spelled out the words – I am not going to hurt you.

Several days before Stephen’s visit, the homeowner also reported that an extremely disturbing incident had occurred in which one of her family members seemed to become completely overshadowed by an unseen force and became incoherent and unresponsive. During this disturbing event, the person being affected began to make sweeping motions in the air as if writing something, and when a pencil and paper were handed to the person, the word – Gello – had been written on the paper by the person. As the overshadowing continued and worsened, the homeowner had instinctively placed a Bible on her family member, applied holy oil to the person’s head, smudged around the person and began to pray. After firmly taking control of the situation, the overshadowing suddenly stopped, and her family member became coherent and responsive without any memory of the incident.

After some research on the Internet, Stephen discovered that the word – Gello – which was seen on the mirror and was written by the overshadowed family member, is described by several sources as the name of a child-stealing revenant first mentioned in Greek poetry by Sappho (c. 630-570 BC).

Continuing his walk-through of the house with the homeowner and her sister, Stephen connected with a third earthbound spirit in the living room which felt like the energy of a young female child. The homeowner reported that when her grandchild was brought to the house, the grandchild often seemed to play with and talk to an unseen entity. This information led Stephen to conclude that this child spirit could be responsible for the typed messages, particularly the one which read – If you go get (grandchild’s name), I’ll stop.

At exactly one hour into the investigation, Stephen was guided to perform a complete vibrational clearing of the house and land with the intent of raising the vibration of the two earthbound spirits whom he had encountered there so they would have an opportunity to release and transition if they chose to do so. He also spent extra time counseling the younger female child spirit whose energy was concentrated in the front part of the house.

Following the clearing, he invited the homeowner and her sister to accompany him for a final walk-through after which they reported that the energy in the house felt lighter and more peaceful. Although Stephen did not experience any unusual phenomena during the hour while he was in the house, he definitely connected with two earthbound spirits there and also connected with the spirit energy of one of the homeowner’s crossed-over relatives.

Stephen was the only Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue member who participated in this investigation.

Several days later, we received this text message from the homeowner.

“Stephen was very nice and attentive. He understood me and the situation I was having when no one else did. He also dealt with some really bad and lost spirits who were trying to take over my home and my family and I am very grateful for his help!”

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