This case was referred to us by Bob Fountain of Spectral Tech (, a scientific and experimental, equipment-oriented paranormal investigation team from Tipton County Tennessee whose ethics, integrity and investigation work we highly respect. We hope to collaborate with Spectral Tech sometime in the near future on a local theater investigation.

Bob is also a regular contributor to Paranormal Underground magazine which featured our Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue team in its April 2020 issue. Since Spectral Tech currently does not employ mediums in their investigation work, Bob asked us to contact the homeowner and offer any additional assistance which we could provide.

After searching online for the address, Stephen found a Google Street View image of the house, and during a remote viewing session, he connected with the energy of two spirits associated with the site. The first was a young earthbound male spirit around 12 years old with an ‘R’ name, possibly ‘Ralph’. The second was an older female earthbound spirit whose energy felt like that of an older sister or mother.

To Stephen, these two spirits ‘felt’ connected somehow, and he also ‘heard’ a name associated with the female spirit which sounded like ‘Brenda’ or ‘Glenda’. Stephen later learned that both of these names are very similar to the name of the homeowner’s mother, leading him to believe that this particular spirit was either fond of the homeowner’s mother or was trying to get a message to her.

Kayla and Jennifer were not able to accompany Stephen on the investigation, but Kayla volunteered to work remotely while Stephen was at the site. He was grateful for her assistance since her remote work has proven to be very accurate in several recent investigations.

After arriving, Stephen conducted a brief interview in which the homeowner described how he and his mother had witnessed a series of unexplainable events beginning two months after they had moved into the house in early 2019. These included hearing auditory phenomena which sounded like whistling, knocking, scratching and footsteps; watching their TV and lights turn on and off; seeing doors closing suddenly; being touched by unseen hands and witnessing a bed being physically pushed away from a wall.

The homeowner also reported that prior to moving into this house, he and his mother had never experienced anything paranormal in other residences where either of them had lived. He also mentioned that Spectral Tech had conducted an investigation there in March 2020 during which he had witnessed interaction with their equipment which resulted in several spirit voice recordings. Stephen did not ask for any specifics regarding that investigation.

While he was conducting the interview in the dining room, Stephen connected with an earthbound male spirit whose energy was prevalent in that area of the house. He also connected with an earthbound female spirit whose energy was very faint, leading him to speculate that she did not venture often into that area in the house.

During his initial walk-through after the interview, Stephen did not discover any other spirit energies in the remainder of the site until he reached the homeowner’s bedroom. The energy of the earthbound female spirit whom he had noticed earlier was highly concentrated there, so he focused his investigation efforts exclusively on this room during the remainder of his time there.

Fifteen minutes into the investigation, Stephen checked his text messages to see if Kayla had remotely sensed any spirit energy at the site. Her texts indicated that she had also connected with a male entity and a female entity there and that one of them was ‘hiding the other’.

In another text, she noted that she felt a ‘weird blockage’ and also sensed the energy of a pet. The homeowner, who has several indoor cats,  confirmed that he had once heard a disembodied male voice which sounded like it was mimicking a meowing cat.

Kayla also reported that she had received a clear message which stated, ‘She was with child.’

Using his clairsentient abilities, Stephen focused intently again on the male and female spirits and confirmed that both were definitely earthbound. He also confirmed that there were no crossed-over family members present and that no dark or low-vibrational entities were lurking anywhere in the site.

When questioned at this point, the homeowner expressed his belief that the female earthbound spirit was a troubled, local woman with a drug problem whom he had met last year. He explained that he had befriended her and tried to help her by getting her into rehab and offering her a place to live temporarily. Sadly, one week after she had moved into his house, she accidentally overdosed in a nearby Walmart parking lot.

At this point, Kayla texted that the female she was ‘seeing’ was short in height, around 23 years old and had long brown wavy hair. The homeowner then produced a photo of the young woman who had overdosed, and Kayla’s description perfectly matched her photo. The only discrepancy was the estimated age – the young woman was 33 years old when she passed although she looked much younger than her actual age.

Fifty minutes into the investigation, Stephen was guided to perform a complete vibrational clearing of the site in the hope that the earthbound female spirit would choose to release as the vibrational frequency increased during the clearing. Unfortunately, she did not release at that point.

Following the clearing, Stephen and the homeowner spent a considerable amount of time counseling the female earthbound spirit and explaining to her that she could help her young son better if she would release and transition. Stephen also called on his spiritual allies to remove any barriers to her crossing and to provide healing energy to help restore clarity and a sense of peace to her vibration.

The earthbound male spirit whose energy felt like it was connected to the female spirit also stepped forward at this time, and Stephen called for his loved ones to come for him. His vibration soon elevated, and he transitioned easily.

During a final walk-through, the homeowner reported that the energy in the majority of the house felt neutral, but he could still sense the energy of his female friend in his bedroom. Stephen explained that all earthbound spirits have free will and can choose to remain where they are until they feel comfortable enough to release and transition. He also explained that the earthbound female spirit now knew that she had the option to ‘cross over’ whenever she was ready.

Stephen recommended that the homeowner continue to encourage his friend to release and also remind her that she could help her young son much more if her conscious energy became elevated into a state of higher vibration and awareness.

After an hour and twenty minutes at the site, Stephen concluded the investigation. The two Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue team members who participated in this investigation were Stephen (on-site) and Kayla (remotely).

Two weeks after the investigation, Stephen texted the homeowner for an update. For some reason, the earthbound female spirit is still not ready to ‘cross over’ because he reported that he continues to notice sporadic activity in the house.

After the Breath of Life, free will is the most precious gift which God gives to each of us. Anyone who is involved in spirit rescue must honor and respect the free will choices of each earthbound spirit as long as those choices are not harming others. Our spiritual allies always can be called in to deal with situations where innocents are being harmed by destructive free will choices.

This case is a perfect example of an earthbound spirit choosing to remain earthbound even after receiving extensive counseling and vibrational healing.  However, after Stephen’s visit, she is now aware that she has options and that her crossed-over loved ones are there with her and patiently waiting to welcome her when she finally decides to join them.

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