Interview with noted British psychic medium, author and broadcaster Irene Allen-Block and respected paranormal investigator/broadcaster, Mark Johnson.

Born in the UK, Irene is a co-founder of the Paranormal UK Radio Network and widely recognized as one of its most popular radio hosts. She is also the co-director of Glannant Ty Publishing and a director of Will O’ Wind Pictures. Irene’s lifelong interest in the paranormal has enabled her to work in the field for over 40 years. She is the retired founder of Spirit Rescue International and Astral Perceptions, as well as a member of the highly regarded Society for Psychical Research based in London. Irene has appeared on British Television and BBC Radio and has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines articles.

Mark is a paranormal investigator with almost two decades of experience and a co-founder of the Paranormal UK Radio Network. In 2004, he founded North Jersey Paranormal Research and continues to explore the paranormal as a broadcaster on the Paranormal UK Radio Show and in private investigation work.

Stephen’s interview begins at the 8:24 mark in the recording (the ‘play’ button for the recording is located to the left of the first white 0:00 and is very dark and hard to see).

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