We were initially contacted by this family in early March at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but had to postpone our visit several times until lockdown restrictions in Tennessee and Arkansas had been lifted sufficiently. Currently, we are wearing face masks and practicing social distancing whenever we investigate homes or businesses.

The family’s first email to us indicated that they were not frightened, but were mainly curious about the source of paranormal activity which several of their family members had witnessed individually or together in their home. We were grateful for an opportunity to provide some answers to them while also helping any earthbound spirits whom we might encounter there to release and transition.

Built in the 1990s on open farmland at the edge of Crowley’s Ridge in eastern Arkansas, their family home is a large, one-story house situated on an acre of land in the middle of a country subdivision. Upon his arrival at the site, Stephen immediately connected with two earthbound spirits – a dominant, but elusive male spirit and a much fainter and timid female spirit whose energy felt heavier, suggesting sadness or depression.

During a brief interview with the homeowners, the husband reported that he had purchased the house in 2015, and after he began renovations, he had experienced a number of unexplainable events while alone in the house. These included seeing a bedroom door open by itself twice and feeling the touch of an unseen force on several occasions.

His wife stated that she had experienced several instances of paranormal activity earlier in her lifetime including several apparition sightings. These had occurred when she was living in a different house in Jonesboro, Arkansas and later in an apartment in Memphis, Tennessee.

When questioned as to whether or not anyone ever had used a Ouija board at this house or at any other residence, the wife confirmed that she had used a Ouija board once in the other house in Jonesboro when she was in her late teens. Soon afterwards, she began to hear knocking noises in the house and had also seen an inky-black, child-sized figure that had approached late one night and then vanished. Frightened by those incidents, she had never used a Ouija board again.

However, she revealed that her teenage daughter and some of her daughter’s friends had experimented with a Ouija board several times in their previous residence and had also played with it after they moved into this house. She indicated that the board was still somewhere in her daughter’s bedroom.

The female homeowner also mentioned that there were quite a few family heritage antiques in the house, and that they recently had found a small feather laying in front of a framed family photo on a table in their living room.

In our experience, feathers and coins are gifts which are often left by crossed-over loved ones as a visible sign that they are watching over family members and sending messages of love and support. After the investigation, Stephen sent a photo of the feather to both Kayla and Jennifer without any explanation as to its origin, and they both agreed that the photo carried a high-vibrational energy signature which is often associated with crossed-over loved ones.

Forty minutes after his arrival, Stephen began a walk-through of the residence with the homeowners. He was drawn first to the bedroom of the daughter who had used a Ouija board with her friends. In this room, the energy of the earthbound male spirit felt much stronger to Stephen, and he also noticed that the Ouija board was laying in a stack of belongings at the foot of the daughter’s bed. Stephen advised the homeowners to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Continuing the walk-through, Stephen determined that two other bedrooms on that side of the house felt neutral and did not harbor any spirit energy. He also did not feel any energies in the kitchen or in the vicinity of the former back porch which had been converted into a sunroom. At this point, Stephen texted Kayla to ask her to focus on the site and to alert him by text if she connected with any entities in the house or on the land.

Stephen and both homeowners then entered the master bedroom/bath additions which were not original to the house. In these areas, Stephen could feel the crossed-over energy of a male spirit whose energy felt like that of a male relative or close acquaintance. He also ‘heard a ‘G’ name, possibly ‘Gilbert’. When asked if either of the homeowners could relate to that name, the husband recognized it as possibly being a former co-worker.

After the walk-through was complete about an hour into the investigation, Stephen and the homeowners returned to the living room area to discuss his findings and to wait for any information which Kayla might be able to provide about the three spirits whom he had encountered at the site. At this point, Stephen also asked the homeowners to share with him the full details of any unusual or unexplainable events which they or their children had experienced in the house.

The female homeowner described several unnerving incidents which her daughter had reportedly witnessed. The first involved a securely closed closet door in the daughter’s bedroom which opened spontaneously by itself on several occasions. A second incident was much more frightening. One night recently when her daughter was in the shower, her daughter had seen someone who looked like the female homeowner walk into her bathroom and stand in front of the bathroom mirror. This figure was dressed exactly like the female homeowner and also mimicked her size and hair style. Assuming that this was her mother, the daughter had called out to the figure who did not answer. When she looked again, the apparition had vanished. She called out to her mother, but the female homeowner had been in a different part of the house when this event occurred.

The female homeowner also related an incident in which she and her husband were sitting in their master bedroom and had suddenly heard the doorknob of the closed bedroom door rattling as if someone was turning it back and forth quickly. They both witnessed the door opening and completely closing by itself three times in a row. The male homeowner also described seeing the master bedroom door closing slowly by itself while he was alone in the kitchen and also several incidents when he was touched by an unseen force.

After checking his phone, Stephen found a text from Kayla in which she described sensing a male spirit around 32 years old with dark brown hair who was wearing a long-sleeve, light blue and white shirt. She also noted that his stomach was protruding which she felt was related to intestinal issues. When Stephen asked if the spirit wanted to relay a message, Kayla replied that he kept saying that he was some sort of manager. The homeowners did not recognize these descriptions, so Stephen advised them to file the information away in case they were able to get more information about previous owners or landowners in the area who might fit that description. Stephen also indicated that the earthbound spirit may have come with one of the many pieces of antique furniture which the homeowners had acquired.

At ninety minutes into the investigation, Stephen was guided to perform a complete vibrational clearing of the house and land beginning in the master bedroom at one end of the house and working his way back to the daughter’s bedroom at the other end of the house. He also spent extra time in the daughter’s bedroom clearing the Ouija board which was still in that room.

A final walkthrough indicated that the two earthbound spirits had released during the clearing. Before leaving, Stephen again advised the homeowners to dispose of the Ouija board .

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who participated in this investigation were Stephen (on-site) and Kayla (remotely).

Several days after the investigation, we received this short note from the female homeowner:

“Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue came to our house to check out activity that had recently started after we made some renovations to our home. I was so pleased to receive information from Stephen and his team and to have peace of mind that nothing malevolent was present. Knowing that Stephen and his team can help those spirits who may be ‘stuck’ to cross over is comforting, and I would have them back anytime to reinvestigate.”

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