We were contacted by the homeowners after their downstairs interior security camera activated several times and recorded moving orbs of light in their living room and stairway. These same anomalies appeared on different cell phone video screens at various times. The male homeowner also reported hearing a disembodied voice and seeing a shadow figure in the house.

On the way to the investigation, Stephen connected with two crossed-over spirits whom he felt were related to one or both of the homeowners. One was an older, grandfatherly male energy with a ‘G’ name like ‘George’. The other was a feminine energy, possibly in her mid-30s.

During a brief preliminary interview, the female homeowner reported that they had recently discovered a penny in an unusual place on their living room rug. On the day that she moved into the house, she had also found a beautiful feather laying in front of the entrance door. Typically, in our experience, coins and feathers are gifts from our crossed-over family members symbolizing their love and support.

When questioned about prior paranormal experiences, both homeowners related several earlier incidents in their lifetimes when they had experienced paranormal activity at different residences in different stats. These included apparition sightings by the male homeowner and residual activity witnessed by the female homeowner.

During a walk-through of the house, Stephen discovered a concentration of high-vibrational energy in the downstairs living room area of the house which he felt was connected to either the crossed-over male spirit or the crossed-over female spirit. He did not discover any earthbound spirits downstairs or upstairs at the location. At this point, Stephen offered to perform a complete vibrational clearing of the space.

After the clearing, Stephen checked his phone for texts from Kayla and noted that she had connected with the energy of a middle-age lady with long brown, wavy hair who presented an image of herself wearing a slim, red dress. The male homeowner felt that this person was a family member whom he had heard speak his name in the house. He also revealed that his grandfather’s name started with a ‘G’ and that he had inherited many of his grandfather’s personal effects which he displayed in one particular room in the house.

Even though this was a large two-story house, the investigation took less than one hour since the spirit energies who were manifesting in orb form and leaving gifts seemed to be crossed-over family members who were showing their love and support. There were no earthbound spirits at the site who needed assistance in transitioning.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue members who participated in this investigation were Stephen (on-site) and Kayla (remotely).