After each of them had independently seen a distinct, full-body apparition in their home, the renters contacted us for help in determining the identity of this spirit and the source of other paranormal activity which they had witnessed within weeks of moving into this small apartment in Midtown Memphis four months earlier.

During a brief interview in the living room area, each of the renters described how they had experienced a number of paranormal events earlier in their lifetimes while living at different residences. The female renter also reported that those experiences had led her to become involved for a while with a local paranormal investigation group which disbanded almost 20 years ago.

After the interview, Stephen revealed that he had connected with the energy of an earthbound female spirit and a crossed-over male spirit while driving to the location. He had also clairaudiently ‘heard’ a name, ‘Gary Cooper’, which he felt was connected with the male spirit and a ‘R’ name which he felt was associated with the female spirit. The female renter immediately recognized the significance of the name, ‘Gary Cooper’, which was an inside joke between her and a male relative who had passed away a year earlier. She also speculated that the female spirit with the ‘R’ name might be someone related to that relative.

Kayla had not been able to accompany Stephen to the site, so at this point, he decided to check his phone to see if she had texted any psychic impressions to him while working remotely. Her initial texts described a dark cloudy-like aura around a tall and stern earthbound male spirit whose energy was concentrated in a back bedroom on the left side of the apartment. Although he stayed mostly in the dark, she felt that this male spirit was not malevolent and that he had been a ‘trauma victim’. The male renter was able to relate this information to a family member who had passed away years ago due to a tragic accident.

The renters then described a female figure whom each of them had seen standing in their kitchen and hallway on three separate occasions. This apparition appeared to be an older woman dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing with her hair worn in a braided hairstyle. They also related how several meaningful messages such as ‘start over’ had been delivered through an app on their TV over a two-day period and described seeing a heavy box and a printer in their living room being lifted and moved by an unseen force. Each of them had also been touched by an unseen force.

At this point, Stephen revealed that the female ‘R’ name that he had ‘heard’ was ‘Rachel’ and he felt that this was the name of the earthbound female spirit whom they had seen. His other impressions of her was that she was from much earlier time period and she had been older than 50 years old when she had passed. The renters agreed that this information fit the appearance of the apparition which they had seen, and they both felt that she was a lost, but benevolent spirit who needed help in crossing over.

During a walk-through of the apartment with the female renter, Stephen discovered two pennies laying on the floor at the foot of the bed in the left back bedroom, one on each side of the bed. The female renter confirmed that she had vacuumed that room prior to Stephen’s arrival, and there were no coins on the floor at that time. Stephen felt that the crossed-over male spirit and earthbound female spirit had brought these two apports, and he advised the female renter to save them and put them in a special container.

Since the female renter is an empath and psychically gifted, Stephen was guided to invite her to assist him in helping the earthbound female spirit to cross over. He extended this invitation so that she could observe his method of helping spirits cross over in case she had any opportunities to help other earthbound spirits transition in the future. She was easily able to sense the vibrational shift when the earthbound female spirit released and transitioned. During this crossing, Stephen also asked for assistance in raising the vibrational frequency and awareness of the earthbound male spirit in the back bedroom and any other earthbound spirits at the site so they could release and transition if they chose to do so at that time.

Ninety minutes into the investigation, Stephen performed a complete vibrational clearing of the entire apartment beginning in the kitchen and ending in the living room. He also performed a vibrational clearing on the auric fields of both renters which also breaks energetic cords that no longer serve a person’s highest good.

Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue team members who participated in this investigation were Stephen (on-site) and Kayla (remotely).

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