Interview with Josh Morris, host of The Everything Paranormal Show, a weekly live paranormal talk show on YouTube which is also available on Spotify, Apple iTunes and other podcast platforms.

Born and raised near Detroit, Michigan, Josh has been involved in paranormal research and investigations for more than two decades. Currently living in Bristol, Tennessee, he and his wife, Terrilynn, formed a paranormal investigation team named BITN (Bumps In The Night) which investigated residences, businesses and public sites in Alabama, Georgia and Florida for many years. Around 2006-2007, the Ghost Hunters television show recruited them for preliminary work in a number of residential cases in some of those states.

In addition to hosting The Everything Paranormal Show, Josh is a published author and speaker at various Paracon events. His first book, My Paranormal: A Guide To The Spirit Realms, has sold copies worldwide and is available in paperback and eBook formats.

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