On July 16th, we received word that our dear friend and partner, Jennifer Brooks, was leaving our Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue team to devote herself full time to more pressing personal projects.

We are extremely grateful for the invaluable assistance which Jennifer provided during our paranormal investigations and spirit rescues over the past year. Her amazing intuitive talents and her sweet, gentle energy will be sorely missed!

Jennifer joined us in May last year and participated in almost two dozen investigations of residences, businesses and public sites up until the time of the pandemic. Her highly developed clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities provided crucial information and validation during the many spirit rescues which took place during those investigations. These included high profile cases such as our investigation of the Green Beetle Tavern haunting in downtown Memphis which was broadcast on local television last October.

We will never be able to thank Jennifer enough for the countless hours which she devoted to our investigation and spirit rescue work and for the extremely long distances she traveled in order to participate. Certainly, there are many formerly earthbound spirits who are also grateful for Jennifer’s important contributions to their crossings.

We all wish Jennifer success in her new projects, and we will always treasure our memories of working with her in spirit rescue!

In the coming months, we will be inviting some new intuitive guest investigators to assist us on certain investigations. Stay tuned to meet these new faces as we continue to provide answers and positive resolutions to reports of spirit activity through our investigation and spirit rescue work.

Visit our Facebook page to see photos of Jennifer at various investigations over the past year