Soon after their family moved into this mobile house in January 2020, both of the adults and several of their children began to experience disturbing paranormal activity which included shadow figures, knocking sounds, moved objects, unexplained music, manipulated electronic devices and disembodied voices which mimicked the voices of various family members. When the activity escalated to the point that their youngest child was being frightened almost daily, the female renter contacted us in the hope of finding answers and ending the increasingly troublesome six-month-long disruption to their lives.

After arriving at the site, Stephen first interviewed the female renter who revealed that both she and her husband had experienced other paranormal events beginning in their teenage years while living at other locations. She also expressed concern that she might have a spirit attachment that had followed her throughout her lifetime.

While interviewing both renters, Stephen connected with a crossed-over male spirit whose energy felt like that of a grandfather. He also sensed that the energy of an earthbound female spirit was present at the site but was not usually active in that part of the house. The female renter confirmed that she had heard a feminine voice several times in other areas of the house, as well as what seemed to be a conversation between two women. The male renter reported that he had recently heard a woman humming in the middle of the night outside of their bedroom at the other end of the house.

Twenty minutes into the investigation and starting in the kitchen, Stephen and the female renter began a walk-through of the site. The crossed-over male spirit’s energy felt much stronger in that area and also in the children’s playroom which was adjacent to the kitchen on the same side of the house.

When they entered the master bedroom, Stephen noticed a single penny lying on the top of a dresser and a nickel lying on a shelf by the headboard of the bed. When asked, the female renter confirmed that she had  vacuumed prior to his arrival and had picked up all of the loose change in the house. Stephen felt strongly that these coin apports were a sign of support from her crossed-over grandfather.

Continuing their walk-through, Stephen encountered the energy of the earthbound female spirit in a child’s bedroom across the hallway from the master bedroom. This spirit’s energy definitely felt much more intense in that area, and both renters reported that their child had come to them late in the night after seeing a woman in her room and hearing a woman talking followed by a loud banging noise.

The earthbound female spirit’s energy was also noticeable in the next bedroom where their youngest male child had repeatedly been frightened over the past few months. Stephen also felt the protective energy of the crossed-over male spirit in this area. Focusing more intently on the earthbound female spirit’s energy, Stephen determined that she had probably lived in an older house on the site that was no longer standing or in a house somewhere nearby.

Stephen then spent a considerable amount of time counseling this  spirit to prepare her to be able release and transition later when he cleared the site. During this counseling, Stephen received a strong impression that there had been a tragedy associated with this spirit and that she carried the emotional energy of shame and a feeling of unworthiness.

Forty-five minutes into the investigation, Stephen was guided to perform a vibrational clearing of the site. While clearing the master bedroom, he noticed a second penny lying next to the first penny which he had seen during the initial walk-through. After the clearing the entire site, Stephen brought both pennies to the female renter and asked her if either of the dates on the coins was significant to her. The female renter confirmed that the date on one of the pennies was the same year when she had been born which confirmed to Stephen that these coins were apports brought by the female renter’s crossed-over grandfather to prove to her that he was there protecting her and her children.

During a final walk-through with both renters, they reported that the energy in the entire house felt much lighter and more peaceful, especially in their children’s bedrooms. The only room which still felt somewhat dense was the children’s playroom, so Stephen performed additional clearing work in that area and also asked for the earthbound female spirit to be helped to completely release and transition at that time.

One hour and fifteen minutes after arriving, Stephen felt that his work at the site was complete, and he ended the investigation. Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue team members who participated in this investigation were Stephen.

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