We received an email from these homeowners after their family had experienced paranormal phenomena over a long period of time including apparitions, shadow figures, disembodied voices, moved objects, being touched and doors opening on their own. After one of the young children in their home became severely frightened, they contacted us for help and answers.

While driving to the site, Stephen connected with two distinct spirits. The first spirit was a crossed-over female whose energy felt like that of a protective grandmother. ‘Phyllis Jean’ was the name which Stephen intuitively ‘heard’ for this female spirit. The second spirit was an earthbound male whose energy felt connected somehow to the land at the site. Stephen also received a strong impression that this male spirit had been an auto mechanic or had been involved in an automobile accident. The name which Stephen intuitively ‘heard’ for this spirit was a ‘C’ name sounding like Clint or Curt.

During a brief interview, the female homeowner reported that she began to notice occasional episodes of paranormal activity about two years after they had moved into their home. When questioned, both homeowners confirmed that they had found coins at different times in the house in very unusual places. ‘Found coins’ such as these are usually an indication that crossed-over loved ones are leaving coins or feathers as signs of support.

Ten minutes into the investigation, Stephen began a walk-through of the house with the homeowners starting in the kitchen. The den, which was adjacent to the kitchen, and a child’s bedroom, on one side of a hallway which stretched the length of the house, both felt clear. However, a room on the other side of the hallway opposite the child’s bedroom had a heavy energetic feel to it. This room was being used for storage, and Stephen made a note to spend extra time clearing it later.

Continuing past the storage room, the homeowners led Stephen to a bedroom at the far right side of the house. As he entered the space, Stephen became aware of the energy of a crossed-over female spirit and an earthbound male spirit, and he intuitively knew that these were the same two spirit energies with whom he had connected while driving to the site.

As he focused more intently on these two energies, Stephen sensed that the energy of the female spirit felt protective and provided a counterbalance to the male spirit’s energy which felt tense, but not aggressive. He also detected another separate feminine spirit energy in the space, but he could not yet distinguish if  it was the of an earthbound or crossed-over spirit.

Stephen and the homeowners then examined a second child’s bedroom which proved to be clear of any spirit energies and finished their walk-through in the master bedroom on the far left side of the house. Again, he felt the energy of the crossed-over female spirit and the earthbound male spirit in that area which reaffirmed to him that the female spirit was always right beside the male spirit wherever he went in the house.

At this point, everyone returned to the kitchen where Stephen revealed his impressions and the names of the two spirits with whom he had connected while driving to the location. He also asked the homeowners to share the full details of their paranormal experiences while living in the house at this time.

First, the female homeowner described a startling incident which had occurred early one morning in 2013 while she was alone in the house. As she walked from the master bathroom into the master bedroom, she had seen the upper half of a man wearing a brown jacket and a hat. As the female homeowner described her experience of seeing the male apparition, Stephen could feel the energy of the earthbound male spirit intensify to verify that he was the source of  this incident.

Five years later in 2018, the female homeowner had also witnessed a glowing figure sitting on the side of the bed where her husband was sleeping. As she described her experience of seeing this full-body apparition, Stephen felt the energy of the crossed-over female spirit intensify which indicated to him that this sighting had been a manifestation of the spirit energy of the male homeowner’s grandmother. When asked about the name of this relative, the homeowners reported that her name was Francis Irene which was very similar to the ‘Phyllis Jean’ name which Stephen had ‘heard’ intuitively.

The female homeowner then related that one of the female children who were living in the house had described the frightening experience of twice seeing the spectral image of a tall, thin dark man standing in her doorway late at night who appeared to be twirling his right arm in a small circle as if he were swinging a watch on a chain. Stephen felt the energy of the earthbound male spirit intensify again at this point which confirmed to him that the figure which the child had seen was the manifested energy of this spirit.

The most recent paranormal incident had occurred just one week before Stephen’s visit when the partial apparition of a young woman wearing cut-off blue jean shorts had materialized near the doorway of the utility room. This apparition had only appeared to the female homeowner who felt that she knew who the identity of this spirit.

At this point, the male homeowner suddenly recalled that a very old African-American farmhand named ‘Cleve’ had lived in a wooden house on the land when he was a child. As he talked about this gentleman, Stephen could feel the energy of the earthbound male spirit become more intense which validated to him that this was the identity of this particular spirit. The name, Cleve, was also very close to the ‘Clint’ name which he had intuitively ‘heard’ while driving to the site. Although the male homeowner remembered seeing a large collection of old lawnmowers and farm implements in various states of repair strewn around the farmhand’s house, he could not verify whether or not Cleve had been a ‘shade tree mechanic’ who also worked on automobiles.

The only energy which Stephen had not connected with strongly was that of the spirit who had presented her manifested energy to the female homeowner as a partial apparition dressed in cut-off blue jean shorts. As the female homeowner began to describe her relationship with a close female friend who always wore blue jean shorts, Stephen could feel the energy of a female earthbound spirit draw closer. This friend had met with a very tragic end, and Stephen spent a considerable amount of time counseling her, as well as the earthbound male spirit, so that they both understood clearly that they had options other than remaining earthbound at the site.

Approximately seventy minutes into the investigation, Stephen performed a vibrational clearing of the entire site. During the clearing, Stephen discovered that the energy of the earthbound female spirit was more concentrated in the utility room where the female homeowner had seen her partial apparition. During an energetic healing session with this distressed earthbound spirit, Stephen confirmed that she was finally able to release and transition.

During a final walk-through with the homeowners, Stephen confirmed that the earthbound male spirit had also released and transitioned during the clearing. The homeowners reported that they both felt that the energy in the house was lighter and more peaceful after the clearing.

Ninety minutes after arriving, Stephen concluded the investigation. Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue team members who participated in this investigation were Stephen.

A week after Stephen’s visit, we received this thank you from Elaine, the female homeowner.

“We were having a few things going on in our home. You came in and talked to us about what was going on. You then explained who it could be, and we felt like you hit the nail on the head. Stephen was very nice and professional, and I would recommend them highly. Since the clearing we’ve had no sightings or weird things happening. Thank you so much, Stephen, for coming to our home!”