When we received an urgent phone message from this female homeowner stating that paranormal activity in her small country home had increased dramatically, we scheduled an investigation two days later. Reported activity included small objects being moved, hearing voices, being pushed and touched and a bed which shook and moved nightly.

On the way to the investigation site, we connected with an earthbound male spirit who seemed to be very excited that we were coming to the house. We also sensed the fainter energy of female spirit whose energy appeared to be somewhere between that of an earthbound spirit and a crossed-over spirit. Her fluctuating vibration indicated to us that she had not fully released and transitioned for some reason.

During a brief interview in the kitchen of the house, the female homeowner revealed that she and her daughter had lived at the house for eleven years, but that the unusual activity had only become noticeable about seven months ago after she had brought a mattress into the house. She also stated that the activity was directed entirely toward her. When questioned, the daughter verified that she had not experienced any paranormal events at all in the house.

While Stephen was conducting the interview, our guest investigator/medium, Stevie Monismith, established a clairvoyant connection with the earthbound male spirit and was able to receive the following information about the spirit.

The earthbound male spirit’s name was a ‘D’ name like David or Daniel. He had passed away in his late fifties or early sixties and had been a good humored, but quiet man. He presented a visual image of himself as a hard-working mechanic or someone who had worked on engines. He also indicated that he had suffered from a debilitating respiratory condition such as asthma or COPD which had affected his health and contributed to his passing. He also strongly referenced a particular word as being very important. That word was ‘hats’.

While Stevie was writing his impressions in his notepad, we did not reveal any of this this information to the female homeowner or her daughter at that point.

Fifteen minutes into the investigation, we invited the female homeowner and her daughter to accompany us on a walk-through of the house beginning in the living room. As soon as we entered the living room, it became very apparent that the energy of the earthbound male spirit was much more intense in that area, as well as in the adjacent den, leading us to speculate that he had spent a lot of time in those parts of the house at one time.

The next room on our tour of the house was a bedroom that was being used for storage. This room was filled so tightly with boxes and other items that we could barely step inside, but we could definitely feel that the energy of the female spirit was much more concentrated in this particular room. Sensing that this was a mother or grandmother energy, Stephen asked if the space contained any personal items which had belonged to a deceased family member. The homeowner stated that there was a box of hats in the room which had belonged to her grandmother. This information corresponded with an image of hats which the earthbound male spirit had shown to Stevie shortly after our arrival at the site.

Another bedroom at the end of the same hallway was also completely filled with items stacked on top of a bed and on the floor. This was the bed that reportedly shook and moved. The female spirit’s energy was also perceptible in this area, but not as intensely as in the other bedroom where the box of hats was stored. This completed our walk-through of the house, and everyone returned to the kitchen to discuss our findings.

Twenty-five minutes into the investigation, Stephen asked Stevie to read the notes of his impressions out loud to the female homeowner and her daughter. Afterwards, we explained that we felt strongly that the female spirit in the house was one of the female homeowner’s grandmothers who was there watching over her great-granddaughter. We had also picked up on a strong connection between the female spirit and the earthbound male spirit. Their connection felt like they had known each other at one time or were possibly related.

The female homeowner then confirmed that her grandmother had lived in a trailer on the site next door to the house until her passing. She also confirmed that the property had originally belonged to that grandmother who had sold it to a man named Daniel, one of the ‘D’ names which Stevie had ‘heard’. She remembered that Daniel had been a heavy smoker which corresponded with the respiratory problems which Stevie had picked up on. She also reported that Daniel had constructed a building on the property that had been used first as a church but was later converted into the residence where we were investigating. This house had been also been remodeled and enlarged by her stepfather at one time.

At this point, Stephen asked Stevie if the female spirit had any messages which she wished to relay to her granddaughter (the female homeowner) or her great-granddaughter (the female homeowner’s teenage daughter). In a brief mediumship session, an emotional and uplifting message came through in which the female spirit expressed how proud she was of her great-granddaughter who was doing everything that she expected of her. The great-granddaughter and her great-grandmother had enjoyed a very close personal relationship, and our feeling was that she was staying close to the great-granddaughter in order to watch over her during this formative time of her life.

The female homeowner then showed us several ghost apps which she had on her phone and a number of photos which she believed to show spirit energy. We didn’t see anything conclusive in the photos, and we also advised her to delete all of the apps since they are generally only for entertainment purposes and do not provide any useful information.

When questioned, the female homeowner also confirmed that she had recently found pennies in odd places which is often a sign from our crossed-over loved ones that they are around us and supporting us.

Forty-five minutes after arriving, Stephen was guided to conduct a clearing of the site after setting the intention that the vibrational clearing work would help the male spirit and the female spirit to release completely if they were ready. During the clearing, they both chose to transition fully, and their vibrations increased dramatically. The female homeowner and her daughter accompanied us during the clearing and commented that their house felt much lighter and more peaceful after the clearing.

Before leaving, Stephen counseled the female homeowner on ways to keep her house clear and prevent unwanted spirit energies from entering the cleared space. He also reiterated the importance of deleting the ghost apps on her phone and refraining from taking random photos trying to catch something in her photos as these types of obsessive activities can sometimes draw mischievous spirits into a space.

One hour after arriving, Stephen concluded the investigation. Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue team members who participated in the investigation were Stephen. Our guest investigator was Stevie Monismith, an up-and-coming young medium from the Memphis area.

Several days after our visit, we received this beautiful testimonial from Denise, the homeowner:

“I want to thank Stephen and Stevie for coming to my house in Drummonds, Tennessee. I have been dealing with some entities there for quite some time. I was seeing people, hearing someone call my name and having things touching my body until I could not sleep. Stephen and Stevie came and cleared my house after finding two entities there. One of them wasn’t friendly, but I actually felt very relieved and relaxed after they finished.

One thing I may add – I was very hesitant about having them here. I’m a skeptical person and really didn’t believe this was happening. Everyone in our house doubted me. But without telling these God-sent men anything, they confirmed everything that I’ve been saying. Yes indeed, we had unwanted guests!

They also gave me and my daughter several messages from my grandmother, and now my daughter has stopped doubting me. That in itself is A GIFT FROM GOD! These two have also shown me how to have the power within myself to make any unwanted guests leave. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!”

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