Interview with American ghost investigator Ron Kolek and UK ghost investigator Steve Parsons, co-hosts of the long-running Ghost Chronicles International paranormal podcast.

Ron is the founder and lead investigator of the New England Ghost Project. With a degree in Environmental Science, he was the ultimate skeptic until a near-death experience prompted him to begin investigating paranormal phenomena using his scientific background. Ron’s paranormal investigation exploits have been documented in newspaper, television, radio and magazine articles, and he has co-authored three books about ghosts and hauntings.

Ron is also the host of the popular Ghost Chronicles Radio Series – Ghost Chronicles, Ghost Chronicles-Next Generation, Ghost Chronicles International and Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition. He is a well-known lecturer and has taught Paranormal CSI at Northern Essex Community College in his home state of Massachusetts.

Steve is a Council member for The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) founded in 1882 and a member of the SPR’s Spontaneous Case Committee. He is also an Advisor to The Ghost Club, the oldest organization in the world associated with psychical research which was founded in 1862. Steve’s peers and leading academic parapsychologists currently acknowledge him to be one of the best paranormal investigators in the UK.

Steve has been involved in numerous documentaries for broadcasters worldwide including productions for the BBC and other UK broadcasters, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and Japanese TV. In addition, he has worked as the paranormal investigator on hit TV shows including Most Haunted and I’m Famous and Frightened.

A frequent expert contributor on radio stations throughout the UK and broadcasters in the UK, USA and Australia, Steve’s prolific work has also been featured and cited in many books, peer reviewed journals, as well as popular magazines and newspapers.

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