We were referred to this family by Robert Fountain of Spectral Tech https://www.spectraltech.org whose team had conducted an equipment-oriented investigation of their home earlier in 2020. We were not provided any specific information about Spectral Tech’s findings other than they had encountered spirit energies at the site. An online property search revealed that the house which the family was renting had been manufactured in 1990.

Kayla was not able to accompany Stephen to the house, and she could not work remotely due to a prior obligation, so Stephen asked Stevie Monismith, a local developing medium who occasionally helps us, to “read” remotely and provide any additional information he could about any spirit energies at the site.

While driving to the site, Stephen had connected with an earthbound male spirit named John from an earlier time period, possibly the late 1800’s. This frustrated spirit had passed away on the land and seemed to be restlessly searching for his children.  His energy was definitely the dominant energy at the site, and he seemed to be associated with the land rather than any specific house. Spirits will sometimes reach out energetically when we are miles away from a location, and we often receive very useful information about them before arriving at a site.

During his initial interview with the male and female renters, Stephen learned that each of them had experienced a number of paranormal events during their childhood while living in different states. These incidents included sightings of shadow figures and feelings of being watched.

After moving into this rental house near Henning, Tennessee almost four years earlier, every family member had experienced a number of unexplainable events there. These included the appearance a holographic figure and streaking orbs on their security camera system, as well as auditory phenomena ranging from loud banging noises and mimicking voices to running footsteps in the hallway when no one was there. They had also witnessed doors and cabinet doors opening by themselves and had seen multiple dark figures throughout the house.

The adult male renter also reported that he often found coins in odd places, and the adult female renter described seeing the apparition of a young child in their front yard early one morning that vanished when she drove into their driveway. One of the daughters in the family had also become extremely frightened after she discovered a small child-size handprint on her arm and found her name written on her bedroom wall.

Throughout the past year, all of the family members had been affected by an overshadowing discordant energy at the site which had triggered abnormal feelings of anger, resentment and frustration which often resulted in heated arguments involving trivial matters. These highly unusual and emotional outbursts only occurred when they were in this particular house. One of the daughters had also told the male renter that she had an “imaginary friend” who was speaking to her. Increasingly alarmed by everything which they had witnessed, the family finally contacted Spectral Tech for help in March. The results of their two intensive investigations of the site using equipment had provided answers and some much needed relief for the family. However, after the family decided to move to a different house, paranormal activity at the site had increased so much that they had welcomed our offer of help, too.

Twenty minutes after arriving, Stephen began a walkthrough of the house accompanied by the two adult renters. Their teenage daughter was not present. After completing the walkthrough, Stephen determined that the energy of the earthbound male spirit was detectable throughout the house, but that it was not concentrated in any specific room in the house.

Feeling strongly that the earthbound male spirit was connected to the land and constantly roamed from house to house in the area searching for his children, Stephen asked if any of the neighbors in the subdivision had also reported disturbances in their homes. The renters reported that a nearby female neighbor had told them that she had found child-sized handprints high up on a wall and had also witnessed her children’s toys moving by themselves.

During the walkthrough, Stephen also sensed the faint energy of a female earthbound spirit in the youngest daughter’s bedroom. The elusive nature of this spirit indicated to Stephen that she was either shy, afraid or hiding on purpose. He also felt that she was the spirit who had mimicked the voices of various family members and was responsible for creating the impression that multiple spirits were present at the site. Stephen also noticed that her energy was most perceptible in the youngest daughter’s bedroom.

When he entered that particular bedroom, Stephen had discovered two pennies that were laying on the floor in different areas of the room. When questioned, the male renter reported that he had not noticed any coins there while vacuuming the room earlier in the day. The appearance of these two coins indicated to Stephen that the youngest daughter was being watched over and protected by a crossed-over loved one. Later during the investigation, the male renter revealed that his father had recently passed away recently which prompted Stephen to speculate that the two apports had been left there by the girl’s grandfather as signs of protection.

Having completed his intuitive investigation, Stephen then asked the male and female renters to describe any significant paranormal events which they had witnessed at the site. They reported that during their first year in the house, they had not seen or heard anything our of the ordinary. However, everything had changed dramatically two years ago when the male renter’s youngest daughter came to live with them and a second older teenage daughter also moved in several months later.

Soon after the arrival of his two daughters, the male renter reported that he had returned home from his job around midnight to find all of the doors in the kitchen wide open, including the cabinet door, oven door, refrigerator door and microwave door. This unsettling disturbance had occurred on two separate occasions.

The female renter then described an incident which had occurred two years earlier. While in the youngest daughter’s bedroom, she had noticed several small handprints and the names of family members written on one of the walls. When she showed these unusual markings to the male renter’s two daughters, they were both terrified. She also reported a later incident in which the younger of the two daughters had screamed and run out of the hallway bathroom, claiming that she had seen the face of a young boy staring back at her in the bathroom mirror.

The renters also revealed that Spectral Tech team members had recorded several female voices and the voices of children during their two investigations, and they had communicated with the spirits of an African-American couple using spirit boxes and other electronic equipment. Before leaving, they had also performed a house blessing and clearing using sage.

Fifty minutes after arriving, Stephen was guided to perform a vibrational clearing of the entire space after setting the specific intent that the vibrational frequency and awareness of any earthbound spirits at the site increase so that connections with crossed-over loved ones, release and transition could occur. Before beginning, he texted Stevie to ask if he had intuitively received any information about spirit energies at the site.

After he completed the vibrational clearing of the site, Stephen found several texts from Stevie which revealed that he had connected with a male African-American spirit there named Jack who had been a slave or a sharecropper. The following are Stevie’s impressions which he sent in four separate text messages:

“I picked up on a male African-American spirit named Jack or Jacob who was either a slave or a share crop man. He is connected to the land and doesn’t know how to leave because he has never known anything outside of his town.”

“I also think he was separated in life from his family. He showed me a train going away. This split from his family connection was life long.”

“He is also showing me he died of complications involving the heart. He is showing me he died early turn of the century. “

“I felt his energy rising as I sent those messages. I hope he crossed and found his loved ones. I’m not connecting with him anymore.”

Traditionally, Jack is the diminutive form of John, and it is often used as a nickname for John. Both Stephen and Stevie received the earthbound male spirit’s name correctly although Stephen’s intuitive impression was more formal and Stevie’s intuitive impression was more casual. The independent information which they received concerning the earthbound male spirit’s connection to the land and his search for his family was also cross-validated. Stevie’s final text also confirmed Stephen’s conclusion that the earthbound male spirit had released and transitioned during the clearing.

During a final walkthrough, Stephen speculated that the two renters and their two teenage daughters, who were all extremely sensitive to energy, had been adversely affected by the energy of the male spirit’s emotional turmoil and frustration. This disturbed energy had caused them to feel extremely upset and angry while at home. Both renters confirmed that the energy throughout the house now felt much lighter and more positive.

At this point, Stephen suggested that the renters bring their youngest daughter, who was across the street at neighbor’s house, back into the residence to see if she could add any relevant information. When questioned, she explained that she had been visited several times by a young spirit boy whose name was Coda. She described this spirit as being very quiet and nice, and also said that he appeared to her at random times. Stephen had not detected the energy of this particular spirit and he speculated that Coda might have transitioned during his vibrational clearing or earlier during the house blessing and clearing conducted by Spectral Tech team members.

After a final walkthrough with the adult male renter, this youngest daughter confirmed that the energy in the entire house felt lighter and more positive with the exception of one of the bedrooms. Stephen offered to perform an additional vibrational clearing in that room, and he was guided to allow the young teenage daughter to be present to observe.

Afterwards, when Stephen asked her to describe what she had seen when he was using his tuning fork and crystal to clear the space, the youngest daughter said that she could “see” light flowing from the tuning fork. This confirmed to Stephen that she was gifted with the clairvoyant ability to perceive energy and that earthbound spirits would be attracted to her because she could sense their energy.

After ninety minutes at the site, Stephen ended the investigation. Before leaving, he recommended several books that would help individual family members to better understand and control their intuitive abilities in order to avoid attracting other spirits in the future.