A concerned mother of twin adult sons contacted us for help after one of her sons complained that he was constantly being harassed by spirits during the night and could not sleep. He also indicated that a spirit or spirits seemed to follow him whenever he left the house.

Shortly before arriving at this small, post-World-War-II-era house in east Memphis, Stephen connected with two spirits at the site.

The first was a short, older earthbound female in her late seventies with gray hair who had been invalid and stooped over at the end of her life. Stephen had the distinct impression that her current emotional state was one of extreme sadness and bitterness connected to the loss of a child or the inability to have children. The name which he ‘heard’ associated with this female spirit was Helen or Helene with a surname which sounded like Silverman or Zimmerman.

The second spirit whom Stephen sensed at the house was a crossed-over male who had been the earthbound female spirit’s husband. This male spirit had been waiting patiently for the female spirit to release and allow him to help her to transition or cross over. The names which Stephen intuitively ‘heard’ for this male spirit were either Phil or Floyd and the same surname.

During a brief interview in the living room of the house, the female homeowner revealed that she had grown up in a paranormally-active house in another state and had moved her family into this house in Memphis in 1997. One of her twin sons expressed alarm and concern that the unpleasant sensation of being constantly poked or squeezed by an unseen force had increased dramatically during the previous two weeks after he had saged the house to try to force out any spirits who were there. During his interview with the family, Stephen could sense the same two spirit energies with whom he had connected while driving to the site.

Fifteen minutes after arriving, Stephen, the female homeowner and her two sons conducted a walk-through of the entire house beginning in a storage room in the back of the house. The energy of both spirits felt much fainter in this room, as well as in the kitchen and the living room. However, when they entered a back bedroom used by the son who was having trouble sleeping, Stephen immediately sensed that the female earthbound spirit’s energy was highly concentrated in that particular room. He also received the distinct impression that this room had been the female spirit’s bedroom when she had lived at the house and that she still considered it to be her personal space. As a result, the son who slept there was being affected by her disturbed energy much more than anyone else in the house which had resulted in his severe sleep problems.

At this point during the investigation, Stephen felt guided to reveal to the family the names which he had intuitively ‘heard’ for both spirits at the site, and he asked them to research the history of the house if possible to find out if anyone with those names had lived there previously as owners or renters.

Continuing their walk-though of the house, it was apparent to Stephen that the earthbound female spirit stayed mostly in three areas in the back of the house – the son’s bedroom, a small adjacent bathroom and another small bedroom next to the bathroom. The female homeowner verified that her young grandson had been extremely frightened while living in the second bedroom.

Stephen did not sense any spirit energy in the other son’s bedroom located in the front of the house which indicated to him that the earthbound female spirit rarely ventured into the front part of the house. While checking the detached garage in the back yard, Stephen did not feel her energy there either, but he did sense that the crossed-over male spirit had spent a considerable amount time in the garage and back yard while living there.

Thirty minutes after arriving, everyone returned to the living room to discuss Stephen’s impressions and to give the homeowner and her sons the opportunity to discuss their personal experiences while living in the house.

Both sons reported that they had experienced intense, spontaneous bouts of sadness in the house at different times which had made them feel like crying. Similar episodes of unexplained sadness had also reportedly affected their girlfriends and various children who had spent time in the house. All of these types of experiences corresponded to Stephen’s impressions of intense sadness associated with the female earthbound spirit who had not been able to have children or who had lost a child. The sons also reported that several children who had lived in the house or visited there had been severely frightened after seeing the apparition of an old lady in the back part of the house.

One of the sons then described how he had seen shadowy figures with glowing red eyes outside of the house at different times after dark. Both sons had also reported hearing footsteps and sporadic tapping on windows sometimes at night. When asked if anyone they knew had been involved in occult practices, one of the sons mentioned that a former girlfriend who had lived at the house at one point may have practiced spell casting or witchcraft.

While using sage in an attempt to clear the house recently, one of the sons also reported seeing a dark shadow figure rush out of a closet in his bedroom and a second shadow figure suddenly emerge from under his bed. He also described hearing loud banging noises, noticing that objects had been moved and witnessing electronic devices turning on and off.

When asked about their first paranormal experiences in the house, the female homeowner described an incident nearly twenty years ago when a large, smoky anomaly had appeared in only one photo in a series of photos which she had taken seconds apart in the house. This mysterious anomaly had completely covered a family member in the photo. She also reported a very unnerving incident fifteen years later when she had been slapped hard across her face by an unseen force while reading in bed late at night.

Her most interesting and revealing paranormal experiences also occurred around the same time. She reported that every day when she came home from work, she would find the brushes from her makeup kit strewn around on top of the little dressing table in her bedroom. When she examined the brushes, they would always be coated with blush or eye shadow. This occurred daily for almost a year and only stopped after the female homeowner asked for it to stop.

For an entire week during the same time period, she also reported that a touch light next to her bed would switch on by itself between 2 am and 3 am until she also asked for that activity to stop, too. As she described these events, Stephen could feel the energy of the female earthbound spirit intensify, which indicated to him that she had been responsible for both the makeup application and touch light manipulation.

One of the sons also commented that paranormal activity had seemed to escalate whenever children had lived in the house which confirmed to Stephen that the energy of the female earthbound spirit who had been childless or had suffered the loss of a child was much more active whenever children were around.

The intensity of the activity had increased dramatically during the past month to the point that one of the sons was being constantly bothered during the night and was not able to sleep which was affecting his work during the day. His constant state of distress had prompted the female homeowner to contact us for help in determining the source of the activity and providing a solution to restore peace to their family home.

Stephen spent a considerable amount of time counseling the family and explaining how to understand spirit energy without fearing it. He also recommended several books to help the family further increase their understanding. During this counseling session, Stephen also explained to the earthbound female spirit that she had other options rather than remaining at this house indefinitely and that her husband was also eager for her to join him.

Seventy minutes after arriving, Stephen was guided to perform a complete site clearing after setting the intent that the clearing would also elevate the vibrational frequency of the female earthbound spirit’s energy to a level where she could become aware of her husband and her other crossed-over loved ones who had been patiently waiting for her. Stephen spent extra time counseling her while clearing her former bedroom in the back of the house, and she was finally able to release, transition and join her crossed-over husband.

During the vibrational clearing, the son who was having trouble sleeping and had been affected the most could definitely feel the effects of Stephen’s clearing work. As a result, Stephen offered to perform a personal energy field clearing for both sons who readily accepted his offer. A final walk-through of the house after all of the clearings confirmed that all of the family members could feel the positive change in the energy in the house.

Ninety minutes after arriving, Stephen concluded the investigation. Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue team members who participated in this investigation were Stephen.

The day after Stephen’s visit, we received this email from Anita, the female homeowner.

“Stephen, thank you so much for your visit/investigation tonight at my home. We’ve done nothing but talk about how much lighter it feels in this house. Your insight and findings are extremely helpful to us, especially to me. It’s very heartening to know that you have helped the spirits to reunite and move on. I can also feel the difference, and it makes all of us feel so much better!”