Interview with Todd Bates, host of the immensely popular and long-running Haunted Voices Paranormal Talk Radio live-streamed broadcast, and his guest co-host and executive producer Nicole Strickland, founder and director of the San Diego Paranormal Research Society.

Based in Illinois, Todd has interviewed the top names in the paranormal field for over 16 years in a never-ending quest to educate and entertain researchers, enthusiasts and novices within the paranormal community.

As one of the leading paranormal researchers on the West Coast, Nicole is a sought-after speaker at paranormal conferences and events who has appeared in a variety of paranormal TV and film productions including My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera and the Travel Channel’s Ghost Stories. She is also an expert on the haunting of the RMS Queen Mary and a prolific author of books about ghosts and hauntings which include San Diego’s Most Haunted, Field Guide to Southern California Hauntings, RMS Queen Mary: Voices from Her Voyages and many others.

Haunted Voices Paranormal Talk Radio airs live at 9 pm ET on Tuesday nights with exclusive interviews and entertaining discussions of ‘all things paranormal’ including ghosts, haunted places, psychic phenomena, conspiracy theories, cryptozoology, UFOs and more.

Stephen’s interview begins at the 7:45 mark in the recording.

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