Interview with Jim Perry, host of Euphomet’s Nite Drift, and Jim’s guest co-hosts, Sapphire Sandalo and Darcy Staniforth recorded in front of a live Patreon audience.

Jim is a podcast host, creative producer and entrepreneur based in the Pacific Northwest whose ongoing fascination with anomalous events which occur in people’s lives inspired the creation of Euphomet, his critically acclaimed audio documentary podcast about the strange and our relationship to it. His style of presenting the paranormal ‘in the raw’ for a contemporary audience is greatly influenced by arthouse sci-fi films, street art, Swiss design, indie EDM and guerilla-documentary projects.

Sapphire is an animator, podcaster and paranormal TV celebrity based in Los Angeles California. She is the creator and former director of the Something Scary web series, host of the popular Stories With Sapphirepodcast and a recurring paranormal expert on Paranormal Caught On Camera and Paranormal Nightshift, two popular paranormal TV shows on the Travel Channel. In addition to her work in the paranormal field, Sapphire is a professor at Loyola Marymount University where she teaches a course about creating socially and culturally conscious media.

A frequent contributor to Euphomet’s Nite Drift, Darcy is a writer, speaker and performer who is currently developing a podcast entitled Mysteries Decoded.

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