Video interview with Rhonda Elliott, Teresa Warren and Bex Marie, co-hosts of Spirit Sessions – A View of the Light, an enlightening discussion of all things spiritual, paranormal, uplifting and positively life-affirming which airs live on Facebook and YouTube on Sundays at 12 pm EST.

Rhonda Elliott is a Canadian Reiki Master teacher/practitioner who empowers people to regain and maintain their health and joy by releasing stress in their mind and body through the intuitive healing services which she offers on her Cerulean Forest Reiki & Healing Through the Akashic Records Facebook page. Rhonda’s Reiki healings and readings are facilitated on a soul-to-soul level through the Akashic Records.

Teresa Warren’s Claim Your Akashic Inheritance page on Facebook offers a variety of intuitive services which can provide insights into the soul’s amazing journey which have been energetically recorded in a person’s Akashic Records. By understanding and acknowledging the mastery of past life lessons, a person’s past life inheritance can be brought forward to benefit his or her current life purpose. Originally from California, Teresa is a channeled-message life coach who now resides near Nashville, Tennessee.

Bex Marie is an intuitive reader and spiritual life coach from New Hampshire who provides loving guidance and divine inspirational messages through the intuitive services which she offers on her Facebook page, Divinely Guided Inspirations with Bex Marie. She is an advocate and voice for angelic messages delivered through numbers, signs and songs and also provides clarifying interpretation of dreams and visions.

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