Interview with Matthew Sorge, founder/lead investigator of SRS Paranormal (Southern Research Society), and his teammates, Al James, case manager/investigator, and Michelle Woods, investigator.

The Gathering is a weekly paranormal talk show hosted by SRS Paranormal team members which features special guests in the paranormal and metaphysical fields, Q&A sessions, live investigations, groundbreaking experiments, seances and much more. It streams live on Facebook and YouTube on Thursdays or Fridays at 8 pm EST.

Founded in 2007, SRS Paranormal is a diverse group of researchers with well over a decade of investigative and spiritualist experience both individually and as a team. Located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. the SRS Paranormal team includes investigators, psychic mediums, a historian, a case manager and a photo analyst who use the latest technology with advanced techniques, spiritualist methods, and psychic readings of locations to validate or disprove claims of reported paranormal phenomena at locations.

SRS Paranormal has researched and investigated many of the most notoriously haunted locations in America including Brushy Mountain Prison, the Hinsdale House, Wildwood Sanatorium, W.A. Stuart House, Lizzie Borden House, Rohs Opera House and many other locations. SRS Paranormal also accepts private cases to help anyone who is experiencing unexplained activity in their homes or businesses.

Additionally, SRS Paranormal hosts public investigations at historic sites around the Tri-Cities area including the Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site in Johnson City, Tennessee and The Old Deery Inn in Blountville, Tennessee. They also host public investigations at their home base, The Nickerson Snead House Museum in Glade Spring, Virginia.

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