Below are links to websites which provide useful information about ghosts, hauntings, spirit rescue and mediumship, as well as links to paranormal investigation organizations which may be able to provide assistance to individuals outside of our service area. We provide these resources as a convenience and do not specifically endorse any listing unless noted.


Amy Major

Endorsed by Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue

Gifted and experienced spiritual rescue medium in Derry, New Hampshire and author of two significant books about spirit rescue, Toward the Light and Light the Way, available on Amazon and at book stores everywhere. Also offers psychic development classes, psychic readings, mediumship readings and healing sessions online, as well as on-site spirit rescues and clearings throughout the New England area.

Danielle Anatra

Endorsed by Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue

Gifted psychic medium and mediumship teacher in the Massapequa, NY area who offers private and group readings, spiritual mentoring, spiritual development classes, workshops and courses. Also available for lectures, events, fundraisers and private functions.

Lynne Forget

Endorsed by Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue

Gifted and experienced Registered Medium who has provided mediumship readings by phone and via Skype from the world famous Spiritualist community of Lily Dale, New York since 2001.


Arkansas Paranormal Investigations

Nonprofit Christian paranormal research team founded in 2004 and located in Centerton in northwest Arkansas providing free paranormal investigations throughout Arkansas and also in Texas and Missouri.


Toward the Light


Endorsed by Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue

First guide book dedicated solely to spirit rescue and its role in saving earthbound spirits from their self-imposed exile on earth.

Light the Way


Endorsed by Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue

Comprehensive and instructive guide providing in-depth techniques for enhancing the four main components of rescue mediumship skills when interacting with earthbound spirits — communication, counseling, clearing, and guidance.


Paranormal Underground

Endorsed by Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue

PDF and print-on-demand paranormal magazine providing coverage of all aspects of the paranormal, including ghosts, haunted sites, unexplained phenomena, psychic phenomena, spiritual topics, cryptids, UFOs and more.


Haint Blues

Endorsed by Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue

Fascinating collection of podcast episodes focusing on strange stories and legends of Southern ghosts, hauntings, UFO encounters, alien abductions, Bigfoot, hoodoo and many other unexplainable paranormal phenomena.


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