Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue provides confidential paranormal investigations and clearings of Mid-South homes, businesses and public sites within 150 miles of Memphis, Tennessee … and they’re always free!




If you’re experiencing disturbing paranormal phenomena like this in your home, business or public site … if you’re searching for answers from experienced Memphis ghost hunters and paranormal investigators … we can help!

We’re a small, experienced alliance of intuitive paranormal investigators and spirit communicators based in Memphis, Tennessee whose passion is spirit rescue. Never heard of spirit rescue? We don’t just investigate. We help confused or troubled spirits move on. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved!

When we visit your home, business or public site, we’ll determine if there is credible evidence of spirit activity occurring there. We use a combination of intuitive abilities and sensitive electronic equipment to make this determination.

If we discover earthbound spirits are present, we’ll attempt to communicate and build trust. Through compassionate counseling, we’ll provide opportunities for lost or confused spirits to peacefully and easily ‘cross over’ if they choose to do so (and most do). The result is a harmonious solution for everyone involved!

After the release of all spirit energies at the site, we’ll perform a thorough vibrational clearing of the space to remove any heavy residual energy. This final cleansing results in a noticeably lighter vibration and peaceful feeling in your home, business or public site.

We never charge for our services, and the entire process only takes a couple of hours. Use our handy Contact Form below to send a brief description of your situation or leave a voicemail at 901-877-8406. We’ll respond within 24 hours to discuss scheduling options with you.


UPDATE! We recently received this email from Byron H in Jackson, Tennessee concerning the results of our 5/19/19 investigation of his home and the multiple spirit crossings which we facilitated there:

Hey guys. Update since y’all left. We got nothing, LOL! No noise! No knocking! First time I’ve lived here that it’s been completely quiet! It’s kinda sad about Lilly leaving, but I also know we did the right thing. In fact there were probably more paranormal things happening that we didn’t really catch because we were so used to hearing all the cracks and creaks and “it’s just an old house noises”. Well all that stopped too, ha ha! The only thing that has stood out was tonight on my way to bed, I stepped on a coin. I picked it up, and it had my birth date on it. I’m taking that as a hello from our spirit friends who crossed over. Thank you guys again!

Byron H, Homeowner
Jackson, TN

I just wanted to thank you again for the words you spoke to my friend (name withheld for privacy purposes). Truly amazing experience, and I know he appreciated it (not many people had spoken kind words to him). I am so glad that y’all were able to connect with him and help him. You not only inspired my friend, you inspired me as well. I was truly moved by the whole experience! You and your team have been the only true answers I have found. And you haven’t just helped the spirits who were in our house, but us as well. I can not thank you enough. I already miss my little friend Lilly. However you helped me understand the importance of her crossing, and I am thrilled that she has also found the answers she was looking for. I have pondered the thought of writing a book like you mentioned, I have a lifetime of experiences. I may ponder on that a bit more. But for now from the bottom of my heart …Thank you and your team. We truly appreciate everything you have done for us!

Byron H, Homeowner
Jackson, TN
(second visit on 5/19/19)

I contacted a lot of different groups for help. Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue got back in touch with me the same day and scheduled an appointment for an investigation as soon as possible. They are one truly awesome group of people. Sheila, one of the ladies in the group, helped me tremendously and is truly a blessing. Stephen came to our house on Saturday and discovered that we had a open portal and thirteen different spirits in our home. Stephen and his team helped them all to cross over including a very ornery one. It had gotten to the point that I could not sleep at night, and the stress was overwhelming for my family. Stephen spent several hours working with each of the different spirits. He explained everything that was happening and what each spirit’s connection to our house was. At the end of his visit, Stephen cleared our home and then cleared me, too. He helped me to understand what was going on with me and assured me that the different things I was feeling and experiencing were not unusual in such situations. I will say my home has never felt as peaceful as it does now. When you come though the door, the stress melts right away from you. This group of people did an amazing, outstanding and awesome job. They are truly sent from God and are one great blessing in my life. I highly recommend anyone who is experiencing anything paranormal in their home, business or life to contact this group for help. I don’t have the words to give them enough praise, appreciation and thanks for changing my life and my home.

The K Family, Homeowners
Near Cookeville, TN

Memphis Ghost Investigations came to my Airbnb house in Midtown Memphis after several guests told us about sensing a disturbing presence there. One of the guests is a person whom I trust completely, and after she and her husband spent a sleepless night there, they did not want to go back even though their stay was free. I decided to look into the matter and was directed by a friend to Memphis Ghost Investigations. The investigators were thorough, relaxed, confident and friendly. They scored quite a few direct hits with their psychic impressions, many of which were quite remarkable to me. I feel that whatever was in the house that had bothered our guests, everything is OK now.

James E, Business Owner
Memphis, TN

Stephen and his team were amazing! Very respectful and courteous. From the beginning, they were answering questions as soon as they walked in. We knew of three spirits in our house, and now we know their names. We also learned that there were more than the three spirits we had encountered. We didn’t tell the investigators anything about our experiences before they arrived, but throughout the investigation, they were able to tell us about those experiences and explain many of the events we have witnessed. They were also able to help two spirits cross over which makes our house feel a lot less “crowded” now. We cannot wait for a second visit. Thanks to all of you for all that you did for us!

Byron H, Homeowner
Jackson, TN
(first visit on 1/20/19)

After I began to experience odd occurrences in my home, I found myself looking for professionals who could hopefully explain what was happening. I stumbled onto the Memphis Ghost Investigations website, and from our first email exchange to the night that Stephen and his teammates came to my home, it was clear that not only are they professionals, but they’re passionate about what they’re doing. The investigation of my home was much more than I had expected. Not only did I gain valuable personal insights for both myself and my family, but they also successfully crossed over the spirit of a young girl who had become attached to our family. These guys are the real deal, and I feel honored to have met each one of them!

Audrey T, Homeowner
Bartlett, TN

Stephen was referred to me after a friend learned of a spirit in my home. After walking through each room in the house, Stephen stopped and asked if the spirit was most active where he was standing. He was spot on and had physically felt the spirit’s presence. He then said that he felt it was a male spirit who had passed before his wife. I was blown away! My neighbors had shared this with me about the previous owners of the house. Stephen then guided the spirit to cross over in a very gentle and respectful manner, and our home took on a light and fresh energy through Stephen’s gift. Thank you, Stephen!

Frances P, Homeowner
Germantown, TN


We welcome the opportunity to help anyone within our service area who may be experiencing paranormal activity at their home, business or public site. There’s never a charge for our services, and we don’t accept donations.

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Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue provides free confidential paranormal investigations and clearings of Mid-South homes, businesses and public sites in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi within a 150 mile radius of Memphis, Tennessee.

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